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Septum Piercing Profesionally Done- Finally!

I've had my septum pierced a twice before by friends, not the smartest thing to do. Both times, I didn't come out with a septum piercing. I recently turned 18 in September so I thought there isn't really anything I would like more on my birthday than to get my cute septum piercing professionally done. Finally.

Years ago I first saw the septum piercing online and fell in love. It's perfect, I can have my own facial piercing and have the lovely ability to flip it up and hide it. Always a plus if you have a conservative family or a bit of an up-tight job that won't enjoy you having metal in your face.

It was about a week or so after my birthday and I was looking around for a place to get it done. My boyfriend's friend lives right down the street from the place I got it done at, Empire Tattoo. It was the first time I went in there. It was VERY clean, neat, and had a wonderful atmosphere. The artists were also VERY kind and knew what they were doing. Made me feel right at home.

So I walked in, told them about my septum, signed papers, got my license checked out- thoroughly, probably because I look like a fifteen year old. Paid him before anything was done- $50.00, a little pricey I thought, but I was willing to pay for a place that was nice and had artists that I was comfortable with sticking a needle through my face.

I was standing at the doorway of the piercing room, talking nonsense to my boyfriend getting a tad nervous. The piercer was setting up everything, I would glance over every now and then and notice him doing everything sterile and properly.

He finally asked me to come sit down on this large, rather comfy chair/booth/bench thing. He asked about jewelry and I said I wanted a small gauge size, and a small circular barbell. I wanted something dainty and petite because I'm a tiny girl. I didn't want a big bulky bar in my face. He spent about five minutes getting barbells out, putting them up to my nose, and customizing them with some pliers so it would be perfect for my face. Finally, he had the perfect size for my nose and he started.

He started by eying up my septum, seeing where it was going to sit and how the jewelry was going to go. Cleaned my nose off, and asked if I was ready to go. I said yes, and he got the clamps out. I remember saying "Ugggh clamps," thinking they were a pain in the butt and hurt a bit. He assured me they wouldn't hurt, just a pinch, and the more the clamps hurt the less the needle would.

He then brought the needle over to me and lined everything up. Asked if I was ready, I said no and laughed. He replied saying whenever I wanted to, say now. Having this needle right in my face staring at it intensely got me a little nervous, but it wasn't bad at all, I've had it done all before. I said "so you're just going to shove this in my nose?" and he laughed and nodded.

I said okay and he put the needle through there. Didn't hurt a bit. People say the septum is the most painful piercing but I don't think so, I think it feels nice. In all three of my cases you could feel the needle going through it but it felt nice. Didn't hurt, a little pinch but no pain for me. He quickly put my jewelry in which was a little pinch, nothing much. He turned around and put the needle on the counter. My eyes watered, of course, and it bled a bit. Probably because my septum was scarred up- it never bled before. The piercer turned back around and saw it bleeding, sort of laughed and said "Ohh jeez!" He held a paper towel up to my nose for a while until I told him I could just hold him and let him clean up.

I got off the chair and he took a last look at it. He went over the procedures with me, gave me a pamphlet, told me what he did with his. Also warned me about putting clothes over my head or anything, told me getting it stuck hurt terribly. I thanked him, told him I would probably be back in for more later, and left.

I walked out into the parking lot, and eyed it up in car mirrors- I loved it! Finally! VERY carefully put my helmet on, we rode my boyfriend's streetbike there, and went home. The helmet was pretty spacious so it didn't interfere with it at all.

Two months later it is pretty much healed. I can't yank at it like the mature septum piercings and if I get hit hard in the nose it hurts a bit, other than that I love it. No pain! It was pierced straight, but healed a little crooked. I expected that so It doesn't bother me.

So, if you're thinking about a septum, go for it! It's cute and can be hidden easily for any reason. And it barely hurts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Empire+Tattoo
Location: Pitman%2C+New+Jersey

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