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Nostril Piercing (My very first facial piercing!)

This is a story of my first ever facial piercing: my left nostril.

In my family, all piercings are frowned upon. My parents saw my multiple piercings on my ears (AFTER I had already turned 18, mind you) and said, "Okay, you're done."

But I definitely was not. I got my nipples pierced (which is definitely a great story for a later time) a little while after my ear-piercing run, and then I wanted another one.

I should preface my story with this: I got my dad's approval on my nostril piercing (which is a MIRACLE), because I knew for a fact that no matter what, I did not want my parents to think that my piercings were a form of rebellion. I didn't want my parents to hate them, because I knew I wanted to get more. I wanted them to know that I got them because I thought that they were beautiful.

Anywho, back to my story. My piercing of choice initially was a septum, but I did not want to spring that facial piercing on my very strict family because I did not want to be disowned. Also, I had to check with my boss because I did not want my piercing to be a distraction at work. He gave me his approval on a small piercing that could hopefully, in time, be covered up. I settled for a cute nostril piercing and decided that, in time, the septum would be mine.

I begged my boyfriend to take me to Deep Roots, my piercing place of choice, and asked the receptionist if I could get a nostril piercing. I couldn't tell if he was being rude or trying to be funny, then I realize that he's the guy that all my friends disliked. I didn't care though, because I was getting a nostril piercing and no one could stop me!

We picked out my jewelry, even though I was convinced it was a liiiiiittle too big for my face, and waited for Tom, the piercer, to sterilize the jewelry and get ready for me. I was very excited it was him because I was pierced by him before and he's a great piercer who was not intimidating at all. He always treats people respectfully, like very valued customers. He also makes me feel really comfortable whenever I'm there.

I walked into the little white room and laid down on the creepy examining room-like table. I tried to make small talk with Tom. I told him he was the one who did my nipples back in the day and he said, "Oh, yeah. If you can handle some nipple piercings, this nostril's gonna be a breeze." But somehow, in my mind, I heard "This'll probably fucking hurt you a LOT, but I suppose you can take it."

He cleaned off my nose, made a little purple dot, bent the jewelry to fit, put the receiving tube in, and told me to breathe deeply, in and out.

And then the needle was in. I was absolutely elated! Here's my pain comparison: if you ever tried to pull out a nose hair to make your eyes water, (I'm pretty sure I saw someone do it on TV when I was younger and copied him! I'm not crazy!) that's pretty much what it felt like. To be honest, the pain was so minimal that it really was not that big of a deal. My left eye did water a lot, but that is to be expected. He put the jewelry in and I looked in the mirror at his work. I wasn't used to the big jewel sticking out of my nose, but hey, it was cute.

He had some aftercare instructions that I had not heard before: don't soak it for at least two days, but keep it clean. For the first two weeks, use lukewarm water for the sea salt soak and after that, hotter water is best. As I paid, the receptionist slid over to me a paper with more general aftercare instructions, Tom's business card, and a bag of sea salt. As I was paying, he didn't even bother to so much as look at me. I guess he was a bit of a douche.

The piercing was pain-free, albeit a little swollen, as I walked into the cold November air into the car, but as I began the trip home, it started to hurt a little. I guess the adrenaline wore off.

It's only been a day since my piercing. This morning I was really scared it somehow fell off or got lodged into my skin because it was REALLY sore, but when I looked in the mirror it was still there, in all it's scintillating glory.

I love my new piercing, and I hope that, with proper care, I'll be able to change my jewelry to a thin ring in three months.

If you're ever in Seattle, I would really suggest Tom at Deep Roots. He's a cool dude and a very skilled piercer. I am definitely going back to him for my other piercing needs.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Deep+Roots
Location: Washington

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