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My Long Awaited Nostril Piercing =^.^=

Before I start, I shouldn't have to mention that my parents (especially my Dad) are totally against the whole idea of piercings and tattoos. Aren't all parents? Teehee.

So I finally got around to ringing up the most popular piercing studio in our area to book my nose piercing. Unfortunately, their piercer was sick that day, so I booked it for the following weekend, and yeah, I was pretty bummed out :(

I didn't really want to wait that long, so I rang Divine, a shop that I often visited which was in The Hutt, close to where the other piercing studio I had originally planned to go was. Divine is one of those groovy places that sell incense and do taro card readings, and have buddha sculptures and mystical faerie type thingies all over the place.

When the reception lady answered, I asked if they did nose piercings. She said they did, so I asked when they could book me in. And, lo and behold, they had a space for me that very day. I was pretty pleased I wouldn't have to wait another week.

She then asked how old I was. I told her I was fifteen, and she told me that as long as I had a parent with me, she was allowed to pierce me. (Piercing age without parental consent in New Zealand is sixteen...)

So with my Mum in tow, we headed over to Divine. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw the bongs and hash stash boxes for sale at the shop. Priceless... :D

I had to sign some forms, and write my name and the piercing I was getting in a book. Then we were set to go. I was told to wait outside a door at the back of the shop. After a minute or so, a woman with an amazing set of dreadlocks came out and told me to head on through to the piercing room. I went in and sat on the funny chair, the kind you find in a dentist's room. The piercer explained to me what was going to happen, and told me she only ever used needles once, and that they were pre-packaged needles.

So she pulled out a handful of sealed-in-packets L shaped nose studs, (no, not nose screws)and had me choose which colour gem I wanted. The studs were made of good quality metal, as used by all good piercers. Then she put on gloves, cleaned my nose and marked a dot on the right side of my nostril with a marker pen.

With all that done, it was time to jab a hole in my nose. She unpackaged the needle, told me to close my eyes and then clamped my nose. The needle was pushed through, followed by the stud. It really didn't hurt much, I found that when she put the jewellery in, it hurt a tad more than the actual needle. Then it was done. She handed me a piercing aftercare booklet and told me to NEVER TOUCH IT WITH UNCLEAN HANDS.

It did bleed a little, but only for about 20 seconds.

After that, there was a dull pain for about five days, but nothing serious. I was told by a chemist that I should clean the piercing with Surgical Meths twice a day - Little did I know what a huge mistake this was... ^_^;;; Meths is VERY BAD for piercings apparently. I continued to clean it with the Meths for about two months. It seemed to get rid of a minor infection I received about two weeks into the piercing, so I figured it must have been good for it.

After two months, I asked a piercer from a different studio about the piercing, because it had been quite red ever since I got it pierced. No swelling or stuff. She asked me what I cleaned it with, and I said Meths. Let me tell you, I got a strict telling off and was ordered to clean it with salt water.

I tried the sea salt and warm water mix, but managed to get a nasty infection somehow. I know that salt water is one of the best things for it, but maybe I'm allergic to salt... O.o Now I'm cleaning it with antibacterial soap only, and its the best thing I've used do far. There is now no more redness and it's completely healed.

During the end of the 'meths' period, I felt my nose was healed up nice and good (despite it being red... Everything else was fine apart from the redness), so I tried to change the stud. I pulled the stud out halfway, then as I started to pull out the other half, I felt a bad pain in my nose. I freaked out and tried to push the stud back in, but I found that pushing the first half of the stud in caused a really bad pain (similar to when you hit your funny bone, but it was like I could feel it in my nose... Y'know what I mean?) and made me feel like I was breaking the skin on the inside of my nose again. After ten minutes of trying to maneuver the first half of the stud into the hole and feeling like I had to break the skin, I managed to push the second half back in just fine once I figured out where to angle it. Im hoping that this was only a problem because of the meths, and that now that I've switched to antibacterial soap, this will not happen next time I try to change it.

So that was my nose piercing experience. I hope it helped in some way for those who are thinking about getting it done... I have had no major problems, only those two infections and the trouble with trying to change it, but those were faults of my own, just not cleaning the piercing with the right stuff. Its a great piercing, and I would recommend it to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Divine
Location: Lower+Hutt%2C+Wellington%2C+New+Zealand

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