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My first nostril piercing!! [Of two

I've had my septum pierced for about 9 months, and I've been thinking of getting something else. I never thought I'd get a nose ring because they're pretty common, but I thought if i got it done and put an actual ring through it then it'd be a bit different. Until I looked up some pics, where I came across the brilliant concept of a double nostril piercing - two on one side. And so it began...

My brother said he'd pay for it for Christmas, but we'd get it done now. So we planned to go today (Sunday) at Off Ya Tree Epping. It was going to be at the Swanston Street store where I got my septum done, but last time the lady was a bit cold and I felt like a change. Also it was forecast to be 31 degrees and I wanted air conditioning XD!

I'll try to get straight to the point. We arrived, told them what I wanted, filled out the sheet and waited for some other people (who were there before us) to have their piercings done. When it came time for me, the guy (I'm pretty sure his name is Levi, but I second guess myself a lot) called us in. I asked if my brother and his girlfriend could come in with me and he said it was fine. I'd always been reluctant to get a nostril piercing because I always thought they'd hurt HEAPS, I mean, it's a lot of skin there! But I grew some balls and decided that if I could get my septum done, I could het my nostril done.

The room was big! Which is good because it feels more comfortable and everyone fits nicely. I told Levi I was going to get two on one side so could he do this one with room to spare for the next, and he said yes, and that it's VERY good to let the piercer know this before they start so they can make room for the second ring.

He asked me to sit on the comfortable couch/chair/bench thing while he got everything ready. He also asked what colour I wanted, I said red.

He asked what side I wanted it on and I said the left, (no reason, I just like my piercings on the left :P), and I sat up so he could mark it. He did it carefully which is awesome, so it did take a couple of minutes. He asked me to check and see if it was okay where he marked and I asked if he could bring it forward a bit so the ring would fit around the nostril, so he did. We were both happy with that.

Levi asked me to lie down on the couch bench thing and turn my head toward the wall with my left nosril facing up. (He cleaned my nose, inside and out, before he marked it). He was really really good at talking it through. He told me when he was putting the receiving tube in my nose, and ot breathe deeply. I didn't want to breathe out of my mouth in case I had bad breath, but when I breathed through my nose the air whistled down the tube! I alternated after that.

There was pain when the needle went through, but of course it's going to hurt. My left eye watered like mad because of the nerves in the nose, but it wasn't very painful at all. I can't compare it to my septum because they're different types of pain, but it really just felt like a numb sting (oxymoron, I know).

I was anticipating the jewellry going it because usually that's the part that hurts most, but I really barely felt it. It was in and he said to sit up slowly when I was ready, which was pretty much straight away. He told me to spray it with the aftercare twice a day on the outside and to not touch the inside. He also said not to touch the piercing, and to use a cotton bud to move the screw if it irritates my septum.

Healing time is six weeks, and he said that then would be best to get the next one done.

I'm so pleased with it! Even though I can't wait until I can put the sleeper in, I still love the cute little red stud. It goes awesomely with my septum!

I'll be taking my septum out once both nostril piercings have healed and have sleepers in them.

I recommend this to anyone; it's great and classy if you want something taht your parents won't mind, and it's edgy and mad with a sleeper ring in it. If you want to be extra different I recommend the double piercings, two on one side, and I can't freaking WAIT to get the second done!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Levi......I+think..
Studio: Off+Ya+Tree
Location: Epping+Plaza%2C+Vic+Australia

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