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Getting my septum pierced

Okay, So I've always been interested in septum piercings. I like the fact that they aren't too common where I live and they can be hidden if needed to. Once I decided that a septum piercing was right for me, I began my research. I wanted to find a piercer that had experience. The septum piercing would be my first official facial piercing so I wanted to make sure that it turned out right. I visited a few shops around the Southern Maryland area. I went to about 6 or 7 shops. The first 5 said that they didn't have the right materials to do the piercing at the time so I moved on. I eventually found Ink Wizard. I did research on the shop itself and I talked to the piercer on the phone prior to going to the shop. We discussed a few things and I asked the questions I had like "Is there any swelling?", "What are the chances of getting an infection?", "What type of jewelry do you use?" and so on. After that, I set an appointment for November 18th. But then I realized that I hadn't ev en asked my parents if I could get it! I asked my dad and he said no. I literally begged him! He wouldn't budge. I then asked my mom. At first she said no too because she thought my dad would find out about it and get mad. I eventually convinced her and she said yes. At that point I was jumping for joy!

The next thing I knew, it was the 18th and I was so excited! I had my mom pick me up from school early so I could get to the shop right when it opened (Pressed, I know!). We got to the shop and that's when I began to get a little nervous. I was afraid that the pain would be unbearable. All the research I had done said that the septum piercing was a very painful one. But I figured that if I could take the pain of getting a rather large tattoo on the top of my foot, that I would be able to take the pain. My mom and I filled out all the papers and I paid the piercer. He then showed me the different circular barbells I could choose from. He had silver, blue, purple, and black. I chose the black one because I need to have it hidden at home so my dad won't see it and black would be hard to see once it is flipped up. He got the jewelry and went to sterilize it. A few minutes later, the piercer asked if I was ready to go in the back to the piercing room. I was hesitant but I wasn't g oing to back down. I followed him to the room and my mom came too. I sat in the chair as he got the needle and the clamp together. He asked me if I was nervous. I said yes, but he assured me that there was nothing to worry about. He explained the process as he wrapped the rubber band around the clamps. He cleaned the piercing site. And boy does that stuff smell awful! He told me to lean my head back. He positioned the clamps on my septum and he grabbed the needle. My mom grabbed my hand. She was more afraid than I was! I began taking deep breaths, letting them out slowly. He pushed the tip of the needle in, and then pushed it all the way through. He quickly put the circular barbell on the end of the needle and pushed the jewelry in. I was shocked. It didn't hurt at all! On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was about a 2. He then examined the ring to make sure it was straight, and then he was finished. He then explained the whole aftercare process to me. After that, He told me abo ut when he was a kid, he had a septum piercing, but his mom saw it and she flipped out. It was a pretty funny story. I then asked him if he could push the jewelry back so it wouldn't be visible. He told me to come back in about 6 to 8 weeks if I wanted the jewelry changed. I told him that I would definitely be back. Then I left! I was so happy that I got it done!

Now, A day later, everything has been going good! I've been cleaning it like I was told and I haven't had any swelling or pain at all! I'm happy that I made the choice to go to Chris. He is an awesome piercer and he will definitely be doing all my others that I plan to get.

                  The End! :)


submitted by: MusicQueen425
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Ink+Wizard
Location: Clinton%2C+Maryland

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