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A piercing to remind me that I'm still young and rebellious...

Turning 25 felt like moving into the next chapter of my life. I had already finished my studies, worked too much in jobs that I loved but had to move on. I left the city I spent the most beautiful years of my life and moved to another. I also got a "very real" job as a journalist in a mainstream news broadcaster. Things looked perfect, all besides the fact that I had a job that is exhausting and sucks away all my creativity.

In my new working environment I looked different from the very start. People stared at my tattoos, most of which were not "rejected" as they're quite small and "tasteful" (all of them are lettering). My only visible piercings, some ear ones, a tragus and a nostril, were also very accepted. But I still was a 24 year old girl, working among women who pressured themselves to look bitchy and "professional". I struggled with their comments everyday.

When I felt like depression was around the corner I figured I need to get myself back. I need to do something to remind me that I can totally be me, without anyone staring. While casually browsing BME I stumbled upon pics of standard septum piercings. They suddenly looked so pretty! When I read that it can be hidden I was sold. Septum piercing it was then! I read many experiences and saw videos of the procedure to prepare. I also researched jewellery, placement and aftercare (although, through the years I have had more or less settled on the aftercare concepts that work best for me). Next was the search for the studio. Nico Tattoo is a chain of shops in three cities in Greece. Their original store,in Thessaloniki, was the studio I had most of my ink and piercings done, and I completely trusted the artists. When I read that they had opened in store in Athens, where I live now, I thought the septum piercing is a good opportunity to visit them.

Upon my arrival at the studio I was impressed with the clean space and the nice receptionist. The store is filled with jewellery, as they are the distributors of Wildcat in Greece. I discussed the jewellery with the staff and my best friend (who came to hold my hand) and we settled on a 14G blackline U-shaped septum retainer. I know some will say they don't prefer blackline in a fresh piercing but I've used it before with no problem absolutely. The piercer opened the gap of the retainer so he could flip it inside my nose.

When everything was ready I was called into the piercing room and asked to lie down in what looked like an examining bed. The piercer put on gloves and put his fingers in my nostrils to check for my "sweet spot". At the same time he explained me how he will perform the piercing. He then took the septum forceps and clamped my septum. This was honestly the worst part of the procedure and my eyes started immediately to tear. When the needle came I didn't hurt too bad and it was very quick. It only hurted for a second more when he put the jewellery in. He handed me a mirror and I was in love. Even my best friend, who didn't particularly like the idea of a septum piercing on my face, admitted that it looked cute and discreet. The piercer let me admire my new jewellery for another minute before flipping it up in my nose, as I had already requested. Now it's almost impossible to see it. He showed my how to clean it, I paid my 45 euro and I was set to go.

I spent the next few hours trying to get used to the idea of a foreing object stuck inside my nose. My nose is tender and hurts a bit and I realised that we move our noses a lot more than we think: eating, drinking, making facial expressions etc. But it's not anything that should put you off from having the piercing - the pain is low and completely manageable. My only "problem" is that I miss not seeing the jewellery. But I will definetely keep it well tucked inside until it heals. I can't wait to find nice jewellery for when I'll be able to change it. A small diameter circular barbell with small balls will look very very pretty.

I'm not gonna say "hey everyone, you MUST get a septum piercing". But what I'm sure is that it can be a very pretty piercing, which, when performed correctly is really not that painful. It is also a very "personal" piercing cause it can really fit almost everyone's lifestyle and it can also be completely hidden anytime you want/need to. If you are thinking about it then, most definetely, go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: wish+I+had+gotten+his+name...
Studio: Nico+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Athens%2C+Greece

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