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Standard Nose Piercing Greatness

     Although nose piercings are not the boldest of facial piercings, what with every other 15 year old girl donning one in the hopes to look badass, I was hankering for a piercing on my face and did not feel like shocking my poor mother to tears with an eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, or lip piercing. Those will come in a few months or so.

Pansyness aside, I boldly strode (ran) to a local shop here in Santa Cruz and requested the piercing. (I chose this particular shop because my friend had just gotten her lip pierced here and recommended them- cheaper than another shop in Santa Cruz.) Unfortunately, the piercing lady anticipated my child-like enthusiasm and decided to be off work that day. The NEXT day I ran to the shop and demanded my nostrils be pierced- they happily agreed.

The experience began when my piercer entered the shop through a secret doorway, immediately after I paid my fee of $45. She was a large, yet gentle young woman with 45 million piercings. I could not have been happier that such a woman would jab a needle through my nose. Anyways, after disappointingly choosing a silver spike for my nose (I wanted a ring but she told me she wouldn't use one because it would heal strangely) she led me into a cramped room with a bench and all the necessary piercing accessories layed out on a silver table with a protective cover.

I don't really feel nervous for piercings, just a tingling sensation of anticipation, so it did not bother me when she really made no effort to converse. She was focused. She looked professional with her latex gloves on. She was ready. As all good piercers should, she disinfected my right nostril (after making sure I liked the placement of the lovely dot she drew) and took out a new needle and sparkly looking clamp things. She told me to breathe in slowwwwly then breathe out slowwwwly and as I expected, on the breath out she quickly shoved the needle in my nose. It hurt far, far, far less than one would think (the least painful piercing for me so far) but my eyes still decided to water uncontrollably. Not surprisingly, it was the insertion of the jewelry that hurt the most, rather than the actual piercing itself. To assert my street credibility I assured her I was not crying and she believed me, saying everyone's eyes are supposed to water. She had me sit there for awhile
while she soaked up the resulting blood with lots of q-tips (this part was done in silence, I think we were both treasuring the bonding experience that only occurs when a stranger is cradling your face and soaking up your blood.) I barely looked into the giant wall mirror after she was done because I like to save the first in-depth look for my own mirror. After this lovely time, I was on my way and enthusiastically thanked her for her services- she was not so peppy but I wasn't hurt. The stinging sensation in my nose kept me company on my walk home. (as did my friend who was with me the whole time by the way.) My only worry was that I looked unsightly to the townspeople, what with the blood caked around the spike in my nostril.

One week and like 3 days later my nose looks considerably more ornate and I can't imagine why I let my nose remain naked for as long as it had. Because I am incredibly clean and crazy, I use soap on my piercing 2-3 times a day and do the salt soak thing 3 times a day as well. So far I have minimal crust and no unsightly bumps. For the most part, after the first day I kept forgetting I had my nose pierced because I couldn't feel it, no pain, no soreness, no anything- id say it is healing quite well. The only horrible time was 3 days after the piercing, when my nose decided to swell and almost swallow the stud, but the next day and several sea salt soaks and hot compresses later, all was back to normal. I am slightly worried though, because I accidently knocked out the piercing last night and it took a second to put back in. I hope my nose doesn't blow up or something because I know it's not advised to take out the piercing for at least 4 weeks. (I'm glad I got to share my f ears with you, bmeziners) but I guess only time will tell. In a few weeks, I hope to go back and buy a nose ring because they are so much cooler, and insert it into my nose. Only then will this piercing be complete. Only then.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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