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painless septum

I have always thought about getting a piercing, but my parents are not very big fans of bm so I never got any of the piercings done. I recently moved out of home and started thinking about bm again. I used to not like the appearance of septum piercings but once I moved to the bay area I saw a lot more of them and realized that they take many shapes and forms.

I started thinking of getting a septum piercing, and researched it heavily. I consider myself to have a very low pain tolerance so I was not sure if I would be able to go through with the piercing.

Yesterday I decided that tomorrow I am going to get my septum pierced, you are only young once!

I had researched a place to get it done online and decided on Industrial Tattoo. Before I walked in I called a friend with a septum piercing to get a pep talk since I was gong by myself to get it done, she reassured me to do it and I went in. I walked in and asked if I could get my septum pierced. It was a very clean and professional environment. The woman at the front desk asked if I knew what type of jewelry I wanted it pierced with and what size. I said I wanted a retainer and either 16 or 14 gauge. They had two different styles of retainers and each style came in two colors. I went with the 16g steel retainer, staple shaped. It turns out the woman at the front desk was the one who was going to pierce me, she took the jewelry back to be sanitized and we chatted.

She took me back to the room and had me lay down. She washed her hands and got out some of the materials. She cleaned my nose and then used a metal probe to find the soft spot on my septum, and then she marked my nose. I was really curious as to where the spot was so she grabbed a little mirror and I looked while she prodded my nose. I asked so many questions and she was very friendly and helpful, willing to answer all of them. She explained why she did not use a clamp or a receiving tube, because both of those manipulate the tissue so where you pierce it will not be the same when you release them. She said it was a pleasant surprise because usually people just want to get the piercing over with. When she was trying to find the soft spot this hurt a little bit so I was nervous that it would really hurt when she pierced it. She told me to take deep breathes and I closed my eyes for the piercing because I have heard that it makes your eyes water. I felt a little something and o pened my eyes, I could not believe there was a needle in my nose!! It did not hurt at all. When she put the jewelry in I said ow! But that was the worst of it. My eyes only started to water when the jewelry went in. She said it was cute when I opened my eyes, I looked so surprised.

I glanced to the side where there was mirror but then remained laying for a minute. I sat up and felt a little light-headed, she said I could lay down again. I remained seated for a while, and then she offered me a lollipop! I took one because its free candy, and I thought it would help my blood sugar out and maybe I would not feel so light headed. After sucking on my lollipop for a little bit I got up and went to check out.

After she described after care and gave me a packet of information about how to care for my piercing, and gave me some special salts to soak my nose in. I also ended up buying the soap they sold there to wash my piercing with. She told me in about six weeks I can change the jewelry, and said I could come in to try on different style there, and I can always order jewelry through the store if they do not carry it.

I have my ear lobes pierced, but this was my first real piercing and a great experience. It was awesome she really knew what she was doing so it was painless, if your piercer does not know what they are doing then it will hurt. I will totally return tot his studio, I only met my piercer but she was wonderful and I will gladly give them more of my business. I am so glad I finally went through with a piercing. Septum's are painless and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of a bm!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lysa
Studio: Industrial+Tattoo
Location: Berkeley%2C+Ca

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