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Septum piercing

As with quite a few of the mods I now have or want, I used to hate septum piercings. I just really didn't like the look of them, but I found them starting to grow on me. To start with I just started liking the look of them on other people, but didn't think it would suit me and still thought I'd never get it done. However, after a while the idea started to really appeal to me and I thought it would actually look pretty good. Unfortunately my boyfriend at the time really hates septum piercings, especially on girls, so I just didn't really think about getting it done seriously. There were other piercings I wanted first and I just didn't want the hassle! A while after we split up the idea really started to come back and I decided I was definitely going to get it. I was a bit worried about what my family would say, I thought I would probably get the whole "You look like a bull" comments and I really couldn't be bothered with that.

I decided that I would get this piercing done at a piercing meet I was going to, but on the day I felt pretty ill so I decided getting pierced wasn't the best plan. I was disappointed but also a bit relieved because I was really scared about it! After the meet I was then a bit annoyed at myself for being such a wimp so I decided that as soon as I was home from university I would get it done.

So me and a friend decided on a day once I was back and off we headed to Luton. We went for some food first in Subway, and then we did the shopping we needed to so that my food could settle before I went to get pierced. Once we were finished we headed to Adrenaline and I told the guy behind the counter I wanted my septum done. I filled out a form then was called into the piercing room. I was feeling pretty nervous now! Firstly we decided on which jewellery to use. We decided on 1.2mm rather than 1.6mm because I have a very small face and both thought this size would suit me better. An 8mm diameter circular barbell (CBB) was chosen and the piercer opened it up quite a bit for me so I could flip it up if I wanted to. Once this was done we were ready to begin.

I lay down on the table and she had a good feel of my nose to locate my sweet spot, the thin bit of skin they pierce through, as they don't do it through the cartilage. Apparently mine is quite high up. She then clamped my septum which was a bit uncomfortable but it didn't hurt like I've heard some people say it does. And then for the piercing! It hurt a bit but not too bad, my nostril was worse. It made my eyes water quite a lot though, but luckily I was expecting that and had worn waterproof mascara! Putting the jewellery through hurt quite a bit, I often find it does. I then sat up for her to put the ball on the CBB, but she tried a couple of times and dropped the ball, so she asked the other piercer to come and do it because she is apparently notorious for not being able to get the balls on hehe. That made my eyes water a little bit more because it tugged a bit but finally it was done. I then started to feel a little bit dizzy so I had a lie down again for a few minutes u ntil it passed. I then paid and left and ate a chocolate bar to get my blood sugar level back up. It was still quite a good piercing experience, the piercer was nice and talked me through what she was doing, and said she felt bad because she knows it hurts!

I am very happy with how this piercing looks, I am in love with it! For the first few days it would really sting if I accidently moved my nose too much and make my eyes water a little, but that soon passed. For quite a few weeks after I had it done the tip and underneath of my septum was still quite sensitive if I touched or knocked it but other than that it did great. I'd say it was my best healing piercing, which I've heard quite a lot of people say about theirs. Perhaps it is partly due to being in a place which is not too easy to knock about a lot. For after care I cleaned it twice a day with sea salt solution as I usually do. For quite a few weeks I couldn't flip the jewellery up into my nose to hide it as it hurt and made my eyes water as it didn't move around very easily, but after a few weeks it can be flipped up and completely un noticeable unless someone is looking up your nose!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Adrenaline
Location: Luton

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