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OUCH! You Bastard!!

After the almost septum a little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted it re-doing and definitely for the long term.

The hard part was getting around my mother, who links septum piercings to the 70's punk era and a lack of self respect, or respect for anyone and anything.

I made a deal with her, that if I got it done I wouldn't tell her and I'd have it flipped up out the way whenever she was around (and considering I live with my parents this would be almost all the time.)

I didn't know when I was going to get it re-done especially as I distinctly remembered the pain from the first time. Before then I had never cried with a piercing.

I kept bringing up septum piercings with mum, hinting that I was thinking of getting it done soon and after a shouting match I had to write her a letter explaining, calmly, that I felt I needed to get it done (as well as a couple of others), I already felt it was a part of me even though I only had my first one for 2 hours.

It took three days, but I convinced her it would be fine and I promised the jewellery I chose would be simple and "delicate". Nothing OTT, she sighed but seemed happy enough.

In secret I had been planning to get it done on my next payday, and had decided I would get it done no matter what was said. I would "work around the situation" somehow. Secretly I think she knew I would get it done when I had money.

The day arrived, Friday October 23rd 2009. for the week leading up to the day, my friend Hannah (IAM: Metamora) was ribbing me about how much I was going to be in, how much my eyes would water and how badly I would want a drink of something strong and alcoholic afterwards.

To say I was nervous would have been an understatement.

I had set my alarm, because I needed to catch a bus and I wanted to make sure I was there nice and early, not much waiting around t contemplate the world of pain I was going to enter into. I got to the shop at 10.30AM to be told Tomm wasn't in till 11 and Rosie didn't feel like she was up to doing a septum, which was fine; I'd hang around and wait. We chatted, I laughed and became more nervous, told Rosie and Keith what Hannah had said and they laughed Rosie said I'd be fine; it didn't help my nerves.

Tomm arrived at 11 on the dot and asked what he could do.

"Piercing." I said and grinned, I had to explain that my mother knew I wanted my septum and no longer had such an issue with it. (As a note I should add: the last time septum and piercing were mentioned around her by myself and Tomm she threatened him with lynching and he flatly refused to do my septum without consent from her – even though I am 23!)

it took very little time to decide which piece of jewellery I was having, the 14g horseshoe was too large, my mother would go nuts, so we decided on the smaller and decidedly more girly 16g. I filled out my consent form and nearly ringed that I had AIDS or HEP B or C, also nearly ringed that I had been taking drugs and it was then I realised this was the most nervous I had ever been for a piercing!

We trudged upstairs to the piercing room and I sat on the bed, visibly shaking.

Tomm set everything up, needle, septum clamps, scissors and scissor clamps.

He placed the jewellery into surgical alcohol while he cleaned my septum – those alcohol wipes normally smell so good but when shoved up your nose – not so nice!

"Why are you marking it, when neither me or you will be able to see it?"

"Because I will line up the clamps with that dot after I have found the sweet spot!"


It all made sense after he had said it. The pen didn't smell to nice either. Having fingers and a clamp up your nose is a strange experience!!

The septum clamp wasn't too bad, more of a strange pressure, Tomm wiggled it around a little to make sure it was placed right and I said it was – there was movement of skin.

Tomm rearranged my nostrils so I wouldn't have another nostril piercing and lined up the needle. By now I was shaking slightly with nerves and had realised I hadn't had more than half a cup of tea and cheese bun for breakfast. Clever.

I breathed in. Pressure. I breathed out. Pain.

"Ouch. You bastard!"

"Thank you!"

It was a short sharp sting. Much less than I was expecting, but my eyes were watering like crazy and my nose wanted to retreat back into my face.

After I had composed myself a little more and stopped my hands from shaking and my eyes from watering Tomm slipped the jewellery in, another small pinch but that was soon done.

Tomm took a couple of pictures and we had a quick laugh before I, carefully, wandered down the stairs, feeling a little light headed. I headed home after a chat with the rest of the guys in the shop.

I bled very little, but sneezing was agony on the bus. No longer is it "Achoo" it is now "Achoo-Shit" which had some of the people on the bus I hysterics, especially as I had to get my watering eyes back under control.

I sent a picture message to my mum and Hannah, both are impressed and my mum says it actually looks quite cute (I'm glad I was sat down when she told me that!)

Here's to happy healing.


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on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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