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My amazing septum piercing.

A few of my friends came to dunedin for a few days and one of them decided to get her septum pierced. I thought "oh cool.." and really thought nothing of it. My parents are dead against any form of piercing. Even ear piercing! So i never really thought about it. i've always wanted a facial piercing but always thought about the fact that i cant hide it! Anyway.

When she came out with her new piercing I was shocked at how amazing it looked. What I loved even more about it was that she put a circular barbell in and she flipped it up and it was basically impossible to see until she flipped it back down.

so that was it. I was sold! The week after I went to Invercargill to see my boyfriend and decided to get my septum pierced there. I talked to my friend and she gave me a couple of piercers to go to. I decided to go to large as life with my boyfriend, as I felt more comfortable with a girl doing my first piercing.

I walked in and the piercer behind the counter greeted me. I was a little nervous and kind of stuttered that I would like to get my septum pierced. The piercer was really pleasant and gave me a few options of the kind of rings i wanted. I chose a 14 gauge circular barbell. she said that it's better if i start off with a bigger ring.

After deciding what to have put through my nose, she took me into a little side room and told me to lie down as she set up. She was really easy to talk to which made me allot less nervous. My boyfriend patiently waited in the store.

First off she put on a sterile glove and felt around my nose for the place she was going to pierce. It felt kind of funny to have someone else put their fingers up your nose! "you pick your friends, You pick your nose, But you don't pick your friends nose!"

Secondly she grabbed a marker and marked the place where the needle will go through. It felt like it was going to be in the right place.

Then she told me that she was going to clamp my septum and that I should feel a tight pinch and it should hurt a little. I felt the tight pinch, but it didn't really hurt that much.

Then she told me to take a big deep breath in then breath out. I did so, and as I exhaled, I felt a prick then a sliding feeling. I shut my eyes tight to save my eyes from running. I was surprised at how little pain i felt. I waited and waited for an excruciating pain that I had read about on blogs and whatnot, but it never came.

The piercer seemed surprised at how relaxed I was and how little bleeding there was. When she put the ring through and I finally could sit up and look in the mirror, I fell in love with my nose! (sounds kind of strange...) The piercing looked so great! My boyfriend thought so too. I was so happy. But I figured that I would suit a smaller one much better, so to be safe I got a 16 gauge along with a care sheet and some goopy stuff I was supposed to put on my nose. (which I didn't even use)

I found that I had to take the balls off the circular barbell to flip up the 14 to hide it from the parents, which was fine.
The healing process was crazy fast. The only problem with the healing was that if i knocked my nose or touched it, my nose would hurt a little, which isn't even a big deal. And I would wake up with scabs around the piercing in the morning. I bet it looked pretty awkward trying to pick them out (A.K.A I looked like i was digging for gold!)

A week later I decided to change from 14 gauge to 16. I struggled to get the 16 through after taking the 14 out as it was my first time ever putting a new ring through. It bled a tiny bit and was fine after that. it looks so much better than the 14, in my opinion, plus I can flip the 16 up easy as cake with the balls on and everything. I don't think I will go back to a 14.

2 and a half weeks later, my parents are still none the wiser about my septum piercing and I love showing it off to all my friends! It definitely is a unique and sexy piercing to have.


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on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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