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Terrible Septum Piercing (x 2)

 I'm certainly not writing about my negative piercing experience to deter anyone from having their septum pierced - I suppose I just want to encourage anybody seeking one to consult an extremely experienced piercer.  I thought I was going to an experienced piercer - I've had a piercing by this particular 'artist' and it looks great and healed well.

I started to get a bit nervous when the piercer repeatedly told an apprentice how difficult a septum piercing is to properly execute. He couldn't decide what sort of clamp to use (and ended up using two different kinds, as I'll painfully elaborate on later) and was generally too busy giggling with another client about the genital piercing he'd performed that afternoon to pay proper attention to marking my nose.

He finally decided on a tunnel clamp and the piercing itself was very painful. I'm certainly not a piercing expert, but after having my tongue, navel, lip and nipples pierced, I know a bit about what to expect. With the needle still in my nose, he called the apprentice over and they both stood and stared. I assumed something was wrong, but was hesitant to say anything at first. "Well, it's crooked," he said. Charming. "But I think I can pull it out a little and just poke it through the other side." This didn't sound like a good idea, but I'm not the professional so I didn't object. He pulled the needle out of the right side of my septum and attempted to force it through a different spot without entirely removing it. Obviously, the needle had already made a crooked path and changing the exit point wasn't going to fix the entire mess. He finally realized this after causing me a good deal of additional pain and pulled the needle entirely out. I always bleed quite a b it and had to wait for the piercer to staunch the bleeding before he could try again.

For the second go around, he decided to use a standard clamp because he 'couldn't see anything' with the tunnel. Of course at this point, the inside of my nose was covered in blood and quite swollen. He clamped my septum (already sore from the first botched piercing) and slowly pierced it again. The second piercing was even more painful than the first and both were easily the most painful I've ever had. I don't think all septum piercings are like this - I honestly just think this piercer did a terrible job of it. At this point, both the piercer and apprentice had gone completely silent, which I should have taken as a bad sign, as they had been making crude jokes and gestures toward each other non-stop since I'd arrived. The piercer quickly flashed a mirror in front of my face, said, "All done!" and promptly offered to knock ten dollars off of what I owed him. I still hadn't really seen the result, but was eager to leave, so I paid and left. I should have judged by my
husband's semi-horrified expression that something had gone wrong, but I didn't think much of it at the time.

As soon as we got into the car, I flipped the visor down to look in the mirror. At that time, I discovered I was the proud owner of the most crooked septum piercing I'd ever seen in my life. It wasn't that my face is asymmetrical or that my nose is oddly shaped - it was an absolutely horrible piercing. It was so bad that when I spoke, one bead on my horseshoe pressed against my lip while the other hung freely. I tipped my head back and was horrified to see how twisted the ring was.

At this point, I was completely panicked. I'd never wanted to remove a piercing immediately after having it done and wasn't sure if I would damage my nose or cause an infection by doing so. Going back to the shop was out of the question. I had no desire to have my septum pierced a third time in a fifteen minute period and wouldn't trust that piercer again to begin with. After getting closer to home (oh yes, I made a special trip to see this specific piercer) I decided to go to a local piercing shop for advice. Being Sunday evening, both of the tattoo shops in my small town were closed and I was forced to just go home. I immediately called a large, extremely reputable tattoo and piercing shop located in the nearest city and the piercer who answered the phone was kind enough to help me, even though I'd had the piercing done at another shop. He said I could safely remove the ring and was horrified when I briefly told him what had happened. He said a septum should not be pierced several times as mine had and the piercer I'd thought I had carefully chosen had no idea what he was doing. I will most definitely be going to this large shop the next time I want any work done.

Now that I knew I could remove the jewelry, I had to actually do it. My septum was extremely sore from two back to back piercings and the horseshoe stubbornly did not want to come out. Blood was running from both sides of the piercing all the way down my face and dripping into the sink - it was absolutely disgusting. Pulling the threaded portion of the ring out hurt the most and I finally just yanked it to get the whole mess over with.

The entire experience was extremely frustrating because I felt like I had done my homework and gone to a reputable shop. It would have been frustrating enough to have one bad piercing, but two in a row is simply ridiculous. I do not anticipate having my septum pierced again, as even though this piercing was terribly crooked, I could still tell even a proper one wouldn't look right on my face. I had expected to come home with nicely done new piercing and instead I'm out the money, sore, and angry. It was altogether a painful, disappointing piercing experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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