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Standard Nostril piercing.

I've always loved the look of nostril piercings. Be they studs, rings, pretty little diamonds, or even strange things like cherries. They make people's faces look more striking, in a good way. I always envied people who have them. I made it a point to compliment them, because I just LOVED the way they looked! I decided that I had to have one at an early age. I ended up FINALLY getting it when I turned seventeen. Then losing it to complications due to my own poor decisions. But getting it again about a week ago. I'm very pleased with it this time around. And here is my story!

I've wanted to get my nose pierced since I was thirteen. Though when I was thirteen, I was definitely way to young for it anyway. But of course, I had a step parent who was eager to prove himself. My mother agreed to let me have it done so we went out that day. First we went to the mall for me to go shopping for my birthday. The whole time we were there I just thought about it, and thought about it and I got scared. I can't see why, because piercings are total tame to me now. I actually enjoy getting them. So I told my mom that I'd changed my mind. She was obviously relieved and hugged me and that was the end of it. But I still desperately wanted it deep down. Which continued throughout my early teen years.

I didn't think about it for a while. And instead got my tongue pierced for my sixteenth birthday which was a great experience. I think that's when I realized that I should never have been afraid to get my nose pierced, because I'd heard it hurts MUCH less than tongue piercings. Which I later found to be true. So, after that I decided again, I wanted my nose pierced.

So when my seventeenth birthday came around, my tongue was already pierced and I knew what I wanted. So I asked my boyfriend if he would pay for it. He agreed, being the wonderful person he is. Then I asked my dad if he would sign for it. He was iffy about it, but he agreed considering my step mother also has a nostril piercing.

We went back to Ink Revolution Studios. I was excited this time, instead of nervous. My boyfriend sat with me and held my hand when it was my turn. But I made a mistake. I asked to have it done with a 16g ring instead of a stud. Darby pierced it and it didn't hurt to have it done. But afterward, on the ride home it stung quite a bit.

You see, the ring was a mistake because it got bumped a lot and made healing very difficult. I got the "nose bump" and several other infections in the four months I had it done. It was overall a bad experience. I ended up removing it four months after having it done because I'd lost all hope in it healing. It healed up, and I was sad to lose it. It sucked, but I felt I had no choice.

Last week something or another triggered me to want it done again. I'd taken it out about a month ago. It was healed nicely now, and there was no noticeable scarring. So I talked to my boyfriend again, who once again agreed to pay. And this time my mom came with me. We drove out to IRS and had no wait at all.

This time I asked for a stud. I got an 18g corkscrew which was fine by me. The piercing went smoothly except for one little road bump at the end. The jewelry was stuck to the needle! It didn't come out after the first few yanks, which hurt a lot. So Darby stopped for a moment, then gave it one good yank. It came off and he cleaned up the blood which was caused by the pulling.

It's healing nicely so far. Much better than last time. I have no pain from it at all which is wonderful. Overall, this time around was much better than last time. I'm glad I made the decision to get it done again. And I LOVE the look!

I'd recommend this piercing to about anyone. It's not terribly painful. I've literally had such a small amount of pain this time around that I barely realize I have it. It also looks good on most people. In my opinion anyway. It's a great way to accent your face.

But I'd also recommend NOT getting it done with a ring... you can always switch to a ring later anyway. It's much easier to heal with a stud/corkscrew. But as with all piercings, take good care of it. Listen to your piercers advice! And DON'T pierce it yourself!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Darby
Studio: Ink+Revolution+Studios
Location: Kingsport%2C+TN

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