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Septum piercing - Wal-Mart sucks

About three weeks ago, I decided I really wanted to go ahead and get my septum pierced and really stoked to have it done. I called my piercer to see about jewelry option and if he had time etc. Decided to come in later that evening brought my wife and my ten year old daughter to come hang out, they are always there when I have anything done. :)

Ben gets setup to pierce my septum and there is a group of older woman in the next studio raising hell and having a good time (all getting the same tattoo). We were laughing wondering what the hell was going on in the there. He has the clamp on my nose and here we go, wasn't too bad felt like pulling nose hairs out. I get up to check it out after the bit of bleeding subsided and it looks a little off. He adjust the curve of the circular barbell and it still doesn't look right to me. He takes another look and realizes that one side was pierced a little more forward than the other and was giving the lopsided appearance. I had two choices, 1. let it settle and it would probably turn out ok or 2. have him re-pierce it.

I am OCD (kidding) and knew it would bug me so I had him fix the placement, the second time around didn't hurt too bad and no bleeding this time.Now he has to fix the extra curve he put in the jewelry from earlier, while he is doing this I started to think, man this would suck if those clamps slipped and right at that moment the damn things slipped off the circular barbell and clamped down on my septum. He caught it as it was happening so it wasn't too bad just caught me off guard. It gave my wife and daughter a good laugh, seems as if maybe I wasn't suppose to have this piercing done. It was pierced at 14g I currently have it at 12g, I used a crescent to stretch to 12g and transferred a 12g seamless captive ring and it looked awesome! I cant wait to get to 10g to see how it looks. This septum piercing has been one of the most care free piercings I have ever gotten.

Working in a cooler does suck with this piercing because the cold air causes my nose to run and it is still a bit sore if I go to wipe nose. I never noticed this before but my wife always seems to cram her nose into mine while kissing and it hurts like hell when that bar presses directly against the cartilage in my nose. I try to make an effort every time to make sure head is cocked so she doesn't catch it but she almost always seems to catch it.

Another note, dunno if this is common but it feels like there is a bit of skin above the hole on each side of my piercing. At first I thought it was crusties from the piercing healing but when I had the jewelry out I felt it and it feels almost like a mound of skin above the hole on each side. It doesn't hurt, just hoping that it is normal and wont cause me problems down the road

Also want to note how Wal-Mart is a bunch of hypocritical double standard assholes. I work overnight as a stocker for extra money, times are tight. I come in sporting my new piercing and they tell me to take it out as it violates their no facial piercing rules. Now what the fuck! I see girls that have snake bites and nose studs and not a fucking word to them but I have to flip my septum piercing up or go home. Tell me if you think this is fair practice or bullshit please.

I would have thought society has advanced enough that people could look and dress however they feel like without being chastised. I am a hard worker, I have gotten exceeds on all of my evaluations, not one tardy, not one no call no show. I have one of the hardest damn departments yet they single me out and bitch about piercings. They also comment about my ears and wonder if it is safe that I have large holes in lobes and that they could get caught by something and cause an injury to myself. I swear, they just look for ways to screw people over. So when you shop at Wal-Mart just remember the people that make it happen behind the scenes. It is not a glorious job but it is a job and it puts food on the table and pays the bills so I keep on taking their shit.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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