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septum bloody septum

First of all I would like let you in on a little secret.My septum didnt realy bleed at all.I just thought that was a nifty title.

First things first I had my septum done a little under a year ago.and I have since streched it to a 10 gauge. i have to say the streching is my favorite part.I plane on going down to a 2 or something like that.

As a boy growing up in a fairly strict house I was never allowed to have any piercings or even grow my hair long.Being the rebel that I am as soon as i moved out a 16 I got my first piercing it was my labret.

Ive never felt anything like it.It was a total rush kind of like an orgasam but not as intense. After that I was off nothing could stop me I was on a mission to get as many holes in my body as possible.

Although ive never had any trouble with migrating or anything of that nature my bridge just got pierced like two months ago and I think I might be developing a keloid.Well anyway back to the main story.I had been seriously considering my septum for about a month before I worked up the nut to go do it.

I had just got out of my weekly N.A. meeting and had about a half hour before my ride was going to be there. So i thought I would go check out the nearest tatoo shop down the street it was called the vibes.I had heard realy good things about the tatoo artists but not so much about the piercing.

So at first I was sceptacle but I am always open minded so I thought I would at least go in and talk to the people inside.So in I went through the front door and up the stairs.The first person I talked to was the piercer himself.

I asked how much for a septum? he said forty bucks I looked at him with disapointment in my eyes and said man i only have 30 and that was all it took. he was going to do it for thirty bucks. sudden waves of relief came over me and i was ready.he then said all i need you to do is sign the release papers or whatever they were.

And photo copy my I.D. by this time I looked over and my ride had found me. It must have been the constint talk about it on the ride to brunswick.Alot of people say that the clamps are the worst that may be true for some but not for me not for my septum.The needle was the worst part for sure.

The guy said take a deep breath in and there it was the sweetest feeling ive ever felt my septum was by far the best yet.But I have not had my penis pierced yet either!People say that is the best.

the person who was with me said I had some tears but that is normal for septums.After that was over I sat there and talked to the piercer for a while about aftercare and such.But since i had already had so many I knew how my body was going to heal.Everyone is different so take advise when you can get it but there is no advise like experience.

So for all you out there that are thinking about the septum as your next mod I say go for it and trust your self. If the shop feels right stick with it. you will be shocked at how much a good shop and good people help the hole process.A little piercing humor there. so bye for now and keep on piercing its good for the soul.

'' all I leave behind me is only what i have found'' Jerry Garcia

And if you are going to get your septum pierced be ready for all the stupid questions.Like did that hurt? or why would you do something like that to your face?And my personal favorite how do you plan on getting a job with that in your face?

Well first off yes it did hurt it hurt like a bastard they stuck a 14 gauge needle through my nose I mean come on people how stupid can you be? Second I chose to do this to my face because I feel that my body is a canvase and I should be allowed to express myself any way I see fit. and third and most of all you can get retainers so it does not even look like you have a it in.

so do not let those close minded people tell you what to think and how to act and everything should be ok.just keep in mind that opinions are like butt holes everyone has one and some people have two.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: southside+jon
Studio: the+vibes
Location: brunswick+maine

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