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my beloved septum, one step at a time

I love piercings and I love suspensions. I have been fascinated by them since I was young. However, I mostly love piercings on other people. Generally, I just don't think they are for me. I am tattooed and I love it, but even with my love for piercings, I couldn't see myself with many. I had never even had my lobes done.

I am very interested in the cultural roots of the piercings, and my favorite has always been the septum. I loved it since the first time I saw it, but I especially love stretched septums.

One day in February I headed over to my friend's studio to finally get my septum done at age 19. I had been putting it off and waiting awhile. I wanted to make sure it was something that I would be with for life. I planned on getting it punched, but I couldn't find anyone to do it... so, I settled with getting it pierced at a measly 14g. Tom (my friend) put in a stainless steel circular barbell. He did it freehand and was careful to warn me that for a few days it would sit crooked, but it would straighten out. He was right. He got it spot on. The actual procedure was quick and I thought it felt relatively good, it was a rush. At that point, I couldn't wait to begin stretching. I was sure to let it heal properly though, as I planned to stretch it to a half inch... I didn't/don't want to let any scar tissue build up and I wanted to take my time & do it the right way.

My nose actually remained sore for quite awhile. It wasn't until about 8-9 weeks in that the pain finally went away for the most part. I was doing warm sea salt soaks twice a day and that definitely helped keep my nose happy. At that point, I was worried about stretching because of how long it took to heal.

June came around and my CBB felt very loose. It was definitely time to start putting more substantial jewelry in. I got a 12g CBB... cleaned it, lubed it up, and put it in. I felt no resistance and it went it without problems. After that, I continued doing the warm sea salt soaks and it felt great. Three weeks later I decided to get a 10g CBB in there. I know that is very soon, and you should really wait a few weeks longer than that, but it felt more than ready and was even a little loose. Once again, it went in with no taper and no resistance. I did sea salt soaks and it felt great. I was very happy with the stretching process. Three more weeks passed and I was ready for a 8g. I was growing tired of the boring jewelry, but I decided to keep using stainless steel until I can get it healed at a reasonable size. I used no taper, and there was some slight resistance, but it went in okay and healed up fine. That stretched was definitely a rush and I loved the feeling. Many people find septum-stretching to be quite a bitch, but I was loving it very much.

I told my piercer I'd like to get to a half inch eventually, and he offered to scalpel it for me. I thought about it for a week, but declined. So far, I was loving the stretching process... even though I was becoming impatient. To me, stretching it will make me feel so much better when I finally reach my goal and I can wear jewelry I am truly proud of.

A month after I put the 8g in, I was ready for a 6g. This time, a taper was necessary and this stretch was NOT very friendly. It was rough getting it in and the next couple of days weren't very fun. I won't be using a circular barbell when stretching anymore. It was too heavy and kept getting knocked around causing it to always get irritated. I grew accustomed to waking up with my eyes watering for the first few days; it was SORE. I religiously used warm sea salt soaks, but after about 6 days, it still wasn't feeling better. I absolutely did not want to downsize so I went out and picked up some Vitamin E oil. I have heard great things about this. I began to use that, combined with the sea salt, and I noticed a world of difference! It has healed up beautifully and it feels great.

I can't wait to stretch again, but from here on out I will be using plugs to avoid irritation until I get to my desired size. I will also be waiting much longer between future stretches. I had a piece of bone custom-made that is tempting me very much. I have it sitting on my nightstand and I look forward to the day I can wear it. That is my motivation and I am getting closer everyday. I will write a new experience as I continue along.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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