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Awkward Little Tears.

I had been wanting piercing since I was little and been NEEDING one for a good 4 years but my parents are completely against anything under the 'body mod' sun. This meant that unless I wanted to be killed I had to wait until I was legally an adult to get anything done. This was the major factor of getting a septum as my first piercing, I really wanted it and it could be easily hidden. After I had realised this it wasn't long until I had it done.

The day I got it done my boyfriend and I went caught a bus to Skintastic. The studio has a really clean (possibly disinfectant?) smell to it and the atmosphere is really friendly. I had a chat with the piercer, Tracy, who told me that it was going to cost more than the standard $55 the charge because it was a more difficult piercing. After my boyfriend agreed to the price (he was paying as a present) told to come back at 1:00 because she had a few more piercings to do. I can't remember how long the wait was but I know it was done at 1. So we went and ate some to keep my blood sugar up and waste some time. We met someone my boyfriend knew and told her what we were doing. She said she thought it would really suit me so it kind of made me more eager.

We got there half an hour early and waited in the studio to kind of prepare myself for my first "real" piercing. I'll admit I didn't really know what to expect. I hadn't had much to do with piercings due to my parents and had no idea about BME at the time. When it was time I was taken into a small room and was instructed to sit on the, well massage table thing where she proceeded to mark me up. It took longer than I had expected to get marked up but I guess precision is never a bad thing when it comes to piercing. When we were both happy with the placement she pulled out some Q-tips and my boyfriend joked that it was to soak up all the blood. Tracy replied that he wasn't joking and there will be a fair amount of blood, which didn't exactly help my nerves ahahaa.

Tracy explained to me why the piercing was so difficult. She told me about the pressure points in the area where she was piercing and how there are certain places you don't want to get. I understood as anyone who had previously been hit in the nose would.

Next came the piercing. She placed the clamp on my nose. It pinched fair bad and honestly was the most uncomfortable thing during the procedure, but hey I'm weird ahaha. She said I could close my eyes if I wanted because they will water. So there I sat, eyes closed, grasping my boyfriend's hand with a clamp attached to my nose. She instructed me to do the standard breathing jazz as she pushed the needle through. Pretty much, yeah it fair hurts but nothing I couldn't handle... though pretty much all my piercings since then have been the same, even the ones that aren't meant to hurt. She then put the jewellery in. It almost hurt me just as much as the actual piercing.

After it was all over she told me I could open my eyes and sure enough the tears came pretty much as soon as I opened them. I really regretted wearing liquid eyeliner that day! She wiped my eyes and cleaned up my eyeliner and then cleared the blood from my nose. It did bleed and it took about 2-ish Q-tips before it stopped. I looked in the mirror and absolutely loved it. She went through the after-care details and explained because I was going to be moving it to hide it from my "job" it would take longer to heal. I walked out of the room smiling and my gorgeous boyfriend paid for the piercing. We were both so proud of how it looked.

I've had a few mixed reactions from it, but I have that with most things I do or wear. People either love it or they hate it, no medium. But I've had stuff from "Finally, a girl who it really suits" to "She is disgusting" but the latter has more occurred since I got my cheeks done. My parents never found out and think I got it done when I got my tattoo. Healing wise it was the easiest one to heal that I have had apart from ear lobes. It took 2 months despite moving it and whatnot. I haven't had any trouble with it except one time it got pulled or something and it got scabby and sore but even that healed up.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tracy
Studio: Skintastic.
Location: Coolangatta%2C+NSW

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