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Scary Nose Experience

When I was younger, my mom would always tell me that she thought a little nose stud would be very cute on me. At the time, I was none too keen on the idea and just brushed the comment off.

A few weeks after my high school graduation, the idea of the nose piercing came back to me. This time, it seemed like a very good idea. They're very cute (with the right face for them) and are common enough to not be shocking. I researched for about 3 days, looking at different forums (like this one!) for just a general idea of what to expect with the actual piercing and the aftercare. I wanted to know all the ugly details, like what would happen if I get a cold or what an infected or permanently scarred piercing looks like. I even asked a friend of mine who'd had a nose piercing for about a year. When I felt that I was adequately informed, I went to my mom about it. I told her I was going to do it; yes, I knew all the risks; yes, it would hurt; and yes, I could handle it. Well, wouldn't you know that she opposed it, when she was the one who initially brought it up! But she said that while she didn't fully support the idea, she supported me and seeing as how I was over 18 and had my own bank account with enough money, she wasn't going to stop me. And she did praise me for looking up the details first.

I called the local piercing/tattoo parlor and asked if I needed an appointment for a piercing, to which they replied no (I would later find out that almost every piercing parlor accepts only walk-ins). I picked a day, and before I knew it, that day came.

I brought my friend Ali and my boyfriend at the time, David. I was driving and I drove past the place about 4 times before I decided to park. Even though I knew what to expect, I had no idea I would be so nervous! As I walked up to the establishment, I noticed skulls and such decorated the whole shop. There were a few people standing outside smoking. As your average suburban teenage girl, I was a bit intimidated. Would they call me a poser and laugh? I took a deep breath and entered the shop. The lady at the desk asked what I needed and I told her. It turns out, she was the piercer on site. I filled out the paperwork, picked out the jewelry (colorless stud), and she walked all three of us back to this little room. I could hear a tattoo needle in the background and got really nervous.

I made some jokes while waiting for her to set up. I jokingly told her I was nervous and felt like I might cry. She looked at me seriously, "Oh your eyes will water, trust me. You'll bleed. It'll hurt, for sure. You'll be fine." As you can guess, I started freaking out and wanted to run out of the room. But I kept my composure and just sat there, a look of complete terror on my face, according to Ali and David. She got everything ready and the time to pierce came. She marked a dot on my nose, asked me to approve it, then got the big needle in her hand. I took a deep breath and she drove it home on the exhale. Actually, I felt a tiny, tiny pinch, but that was it. My eyes didn't water, I didn't flinch. I just sat there. It hurt a hell of a lot less than my ear lobes (done by a mall piercer with a gun--I know, I know. Bad me, but trust me, I learned that lesson!).

I sat there with this gigantic needle going through my nostril as she got the jewelry out. She said that was prime photo-op time, which Ali and David took advantage of. I bled maybe 1 or 2 drops. She said she was shocked that I was so cool about it. Ali and David said they were disappointed, they wanted more of a show! She put the jewelry in and I glanced around to see myself in the mirror. It looked so great!

At this place, you pay afterwards, and what do you know, they only take cash. As I only had a card, David had to run over to the ATM for me. Some places do accept cards, but I'd suggest having cash just to be sure. Cash is always accepted everywhere!

I work at a department store and no one said anything negative about it, since it was just a little stud. The employee handbook said, "No obscene piercings." That's pretty subjective, so I bought some clear retainers just in case. I went to Hot Topic to buy a ring to put in after it was healed. What do you know, I bought one that was too small! I had to go back and get another. Make sure you do your research before buying jewelry!

It did start to get infected after about a month. It was doing perfectly fine, but then it started to ooze yellow pus. It was pretty gross. I bought some H20cean (which isn't necessary, regular old sea-salt solution is just fine, but I figured I'd spring for the good stuff!) and within 2 weeks, it was back to normal.

It's been about 4 months and now it's completely healed and I have a silver ring in it. I get compliments all the time about it. It's funny because I thought was being pretty original with the nose piercing, but I swear nearly every girl at my university has a nose piercing! If you're thinking about it, make sure you do your research, but overall, think more about how much having a piercing will effect your life rather than the pain. The pain lasts about 2 seconds and it's gone. A piercing on the other hand, if done right, lasts for much, much longer! I couldn't go swimming for a while, which was a bummer because I got pierced in early July. It hurt a lot if while changing my clothes, my shirt bumped it. All my friends wanted to touch it and that was annoying. Hell, I wanted to touch it all the time, but I knew from the experience of it being infected that it was just not worth it! (You can touch it once it's healed. Just hold your horses!) Make sure you check your employer's rules. It not only slows to healing process but is also very, very painful to change a not yet healed piercing!

Now I have 3 lobe piercings, an industrial, and both nipples pierced, as well as the nose. The nose was the quickest and least painful!


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on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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