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So, I mean, one was never going to be enough. Not ever.

It really started years back when I became interested in piercings, and then fast became a reality after talks with my parents that spanned a decent year.

I wanted to get my lip pierced and managed to make a deal with my parents that if I passed all of my exams, work & college allowed it then I could go ahead. Safe to say, I pulled out all of the stops and showed them up.

Since then, things have moved quickly over the years and I have somehow managed to put myself through another five holes in my body. This time, I was toying with the idea of a nose ring and really looked into it. There was a lot that could go wrong it seemed, but how was that different any other piercing? My others have been just fine so I figured that if I looked after it and was careful, things would turn out absolutely fine.

I was with a friend who shares a similar interest in piercings, and was in the frame of mind where I just wanted to go for it. It was late on a rainy day and the reputable studios had a waiting list whilst others had closed. We went home, disappointed, and conversed for hours about it all. Next week would be the one.

We went back and did the same span of the shops and there were a few that stuck out. However, on a walk back to one of the better ones, we came across blue banana, frankly a rather tacky/cliché shop, but with a hidden piercing studio in the back of it. We asked inside and found out that they had an offer on for piercings - all of which were £10 (excluding the rather "major" ones). So, I figured I could try somewhere new.

Signed all of my sheets, chose the ring I wanted, was given an aftercare sheet and a small bottle of tea-tree oil, which came as a surprise. It all seemed so lovely but something had to be wrong. I sat around, a bit anxiously, waiting to be called in and finally she came out, picked up my sheet, stared around and smiled, before ushering me in.

It's safe to say I don't do well with small spaces at the best of times let alone when I am mega nervous anyway. This room was tiny. There was a small bed on one side, shadowed by cabinets which followed all the way around the perimeter of the room. I crept onto the bed and started speaking to the piercer, who, it has to be said, was wonderful. She got me talking about my past experiences, how I cope with them, healing time etc. There was another younger woman who she introduced as a trainee and asked if it was okay that she stay around. I was very aware of the cramped space but I saw no real harm, so she smiled and made some notes.

I had rather childishly worn a fake nose ring that day to make sure it was what I wanted but it made a small faint blemish on my nostril, so she put the dot bang on where I wanted it.

I always remember the clamp as the terrifying beginning of the procedure and this one was no different. It really pinched at the skin on my nostril and I sort of shuffled around, obviously uncomfortable. She let me sit up properly and look into the mirror but of course, I couldn't really see past the awkward flurry of arms. I was always told that nose hurt with a needle so I was prepared, I mean, it couldn't be a patch on my snakebites could it?


She warned me of the pinch and then the pressure, and the trainee started looking rather weary. Three, two, one. And it went through. But not without a fight, it would seem. Moreso than I can remember, I could feel the force behind the push and it really stung. Heat ran up and down my nose and I immediately reached up to stem the flow of shockingly quick snot streams. Before I could, she sorted out the ring and managed to get it through before pulling the cumbersome needle tube out.

I glared around, tears in my eyes, feeling as though my face was rather moist. The trainee was stood, eyes wide, shocked, staring at me. She was told that normally there is a lot of blood.


I looked into the mirror before the ball was put on, and I was covered. It did not think such a mess could come from that. Both inside and outside of my nostril were drenched and it wasn't snot that was dampening my mouth - it was blood. She mopped me up and, after a real struggle, got the ball into the ring. My nostril was on fire, throbbing and aching, stinging and pulsing and I glamourously left the room, tissue to face, much to my friends amusement.

It's been however many weeks now, and she has healed a beaut. It doesn't hurt at all any more - I've swapped and changed rings and studs and it's all fine. The positioning is perfect, and after shopping around, I have found a great sized ring that is snug. I really like it and can see myself keeping it for a while to come.

8, here I come!

Over and out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Chantelle%3F
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Bristol

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