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There were carnivorous plants on the walls.

I decided I was going to get my septum pierced. It wasn't some sort of revelation or long drawn out process. It was logistics. I like piercings, I like jewelry, but I also have a professional dress code I am obligated to follow that I'd already pushed to the limits with my 0g lobes. A septum piercing could let me have all of the fun of a piercing and still be hidden when needed. With that decided it was just a matter of getting it done. A friend of mine decided she was on the market for a new piercing too and that come pay day, we were going to get them done. Thursday came and paychecks were cashed but obligations left us tied until Friday. After work we set a location and we off. Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery takes the "art gallery" portion of their name just as seriously as they do tattoo. Their lounge was decorated with art from modern on down to classic eastern. There were even carnivorous plants hanging from the walls. From the start the staff was very friendly and even the customers seemed to be open and smiling. While we waited for the piercer, Kevin, to take care of the customer before us we chatted and took in the art while some of our friends, onlookers for the show, checked out the convenient arcade. Even if you don't want to get inked or pierced Transcend is a cool place to check out. The ticking of the clock was reminding me of every second closer I was to getting a needle stuffed through my nose. I'd never had a professional piercing done and while I was excited to see the procedure I wasn't exact thrilled at the amount of pain I was sure I was in for. I didn't have too long to think about it because before I knew it Kevin called me into the room and sat me down at the chair. The room was sterile and the only give away that it was anything but a doctor's office was the myriad of 80s movie posters that hung on one of the walls and a in-progress picture of a corset piercing back piece. He talked me through the procedure but I wasn't really listening. I couldn't help but stair in the vacuum sealed package that held the needle that was about to go through my nose. He smiled and joked and tried his best to warm me up, especially when swabbing the insides of my nose with antibacterial ("I wish I could get my girlfriend to do this for me."). It was a good effort but I was just too focused on what was to come. Even when he clamped my nose I was still wondering if he'd let me escape from the chair. But, with two friends looking on I was obligated to man up and take it. Kevin instructed me to take a deep breath, and as I exhaled slid the needle smoothly through the cartilage of my nose. I winced, my face twitched and my eyes watered, but at least I didn't make a noise. My dignity was intact. With a grace I can't even manage with my lobes he slid the retainer I had asked for into my nose. I was now the proud owner of a 12g septum piercing. Holding paper towels to my nose to catch the blood he smiled and asked me, "How're you doing?" "Not so good," I responded. "Why?" "You just shoved a needle through my nose." All and all it was definitely an experience and I am very happy with the piercing. I'm doing the prescribed 4 times daily sea salt soaks as well as being careful not to play with it. While a retainer is (purposely) hard to notice I love just knowing it is there. When the time comes that I feel comfortable I will switch to a larger piece of jewelry that, after the piercing has healed, can be flipped up and down depending on the situation I'm in. The pain was a lot more than I expected, but very brief. It was only a heart beat or two of shock before it was all over and everything was fine. As of day 2 it is only barely sore and a little swollen but the soaks help it quite a bit and I think this is a piercing I will be keeping for a very long time. And as for my first time in a piercing studio, I'd say it was great. There was a lot of confidence and personality in the staff that really made me comfortable and I would certainly recommend the studio to everyone. So in short, I am very happy with everything and I hope anyone interested in a septum piercing can give it a shot!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kevin+Walsh
Studio: Transcend+Tattoo
Location: Branford%2C+Connecticut

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