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The Nose Ring Experience

Disclaimer: Reader, in no way, shape, or form do I condone self-piercing. I strongly suggest going to a certified professional for any piercing needs.

I was eleven, when I wanted my first piercing. A normal twelve year old kid, that longed for a needle to pierce through my nose. I'd always just laugh and shake my head when my family would say, "Yeah, go on and listen to that devil music, but we don't want to see you with bones in your nose." Then I would smile. If only they knew.

I'd been fascinated since I was even younger with body modification. While all my friends all wanted their right ears pierced or the girls, their bellybuttons, I wanted a shiny ring dangling from my nose. It wasn't until my twelfth birthday was approaching when I finally brought it up with my mother. I was no rebel, just well average, I liked what I liked, and was content that way, so when I asked her if I could get a piercing it was a no. Absolutely not. I just smiled and accepted it. I could've begged, and gotten angry. I could've said, "It's my body." And all the other teen cliches but as far as I was concerned, she gave me a roof, so I'd give her my respect. See? I was so average.

During that year, I went on with my life, body mod-free. I remember sitting in front of the mirror, imagining a needle going through my nose, putting dots on it. Laughable things. I started to obsess, I wanted it. I was tired of the way I looked. I felt so plain, so boring.

We'd go through the tattoo shops, my mother's boyfriend's occupation, and I'd have to sit and be envious of the people walking in, especially the ones with more than one facial piercing. I started to dwell. Why couldn't I?

Then I started to casually bring it up. Can I? No. Can I? No. She wasn't against piercing, but she claimed that it would cause problems at school, which it inevitably did. Finally the day before my thirteenth birthday, she agreed. Never mind that she was pretty drunk. Mission accomplished. She'd said it, taking it back now would only cause issues.

A while later she took me to a shop, rejection was all I faced. Too young. Another. Same thing. I was pretty upset. I was almost a teenager. What difference did it make? I'd been promised what I'd longed for, so I was set on making it come true. So a day before my birthday, I took out the alcohol and a safety pin. I was going DIY.

I sat in front of my mirror, a strategically placed marker dot on my nose, after swiping the surface and inside with some alcohol, then sat and stared for a long time. Unsure, of who I'd become. Unsure of who I was. Would this be me? I picked up the needle, sterilized in the alcohol for about an hour, and began to push in. I remember no pain at first just sweating, and pinching. I pressed harder and harder, until I felt the first layer of cartridge crack, a pop sound, echoing in my head. I started to feel the pain, I pushed harder. I was doing my best to not get carried away and wind up with a septum job too, so I pointed the needle down. It must've been about fifteen minutes when I finally heard that nasty pop again. The needle went through. I was so happy. Finally. Now, I looked down at the ring, I'd bought a while back, in high hopes. How did I get that in. If only my gauge knowledge now, could be given to me then. A safety pin hole...is tiny. My ring was maybe a 16, gre at. With force and more cracking, another loud pop in my brain. It went in. My first words..."I look cool." Of course, I did. Just kidding, I had a headache for about an hour after hand, but I felt like it was so worth it. I was so young, it's only now I realize a nose piercing isn't as impressive.

I walked out of the bathroom with pride in my strut. "You did it?" I nodded. "By yourself?" I nodded again. "You're an idiot."

It took about a year, for that first piercing to heal. I underwent many infections and the money that's been spent on nose rings for me probably has hit over a thousand, and that's more than a gentle estimate. But, it's still my pride and joy. I had so many people ask me, "Where'd you get it done?" To which I'd reply the truth, I did it myself. Sure I was swelling with pride then, but only now do I realize they probably think I was and am crazy, or a masochist of some sorts. Only now, 6 piercings, 3 tattoos, and 00 gauges do I realize that my first piercing is probably by far the most common and least patronized body mod, for me to have been so excited about, but still we all start somewhere.

It was my opening to a new world. Yeah, I get judged for them, but metal face isn't who I am, it's just a part, one of my favorite parts though. Nothing could ever replace the years I spent, that led me to body mod. The struggles I faced with them, but it was always worth it. To this day, my nose piercing remains, ring intact. You couldn't pay me enough to close it up.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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