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My Sweet Septum

I had wanted a septum piercing for years and only decided to go for it about a month ago, for a number or reasons. Reason one being my ex boyfriend hated septum piercings and so for that reason alone I didn't bother looking more into it until about 5 or 6 weeks ago.

Reason two, my work would not allow it, and Reason three, in January i'm about to become a student nurse and i'm not sure what their view is on piercings. (I do have a lot, madonna, labret, tongue, nostrils, tragus, ear lobes, and a few others thats can't be seen!)

Crunch time came when I was in the house alone on BME looking at some tattoo pictures and decided to look at the septum pictures, to see if many girls had it done (as far as I know its more of a man thing) and I was shocked to see it was mainly girls who had it done, and not only that, they were very pretty too and not manly looking! So I had made up my mind that it looked cute but i wasn't sure about the pain factor. I'm not a baby when it comes to pain, I like to think i can handle it pretty well, but I was thinking about when I got my nostrils pierced, that hurt like a bitch! Made my eyes water like hell!!

After reading some readers stories my mind was made up, as most people said it hurt for about a second and then it was fine. Plus it didn't go through the actual cartilage but the 'sweet spot'.

On the day I was going to get it done I was a bit nervous. I didn't need to book it, the shop had a walk-in piercing service. So I told the lady on the desk what I wanted and she said 'Oh thats a sore one' and I nearly chickened out. The piercer in there led me to the room and she showed me the clean needle in the packet and the jewellery and I was like Oh God I can't get that jewellery in, I won't be able to flip it up and hide it from my mum! So she told me that she was going to put the autoclave on, and she would sterilize a horse shoe style piece of jewellery for me. So I had a 45 minute wait and I was very nervous, and I was getting on my boyfriends nerves as I was so jumpy!!

Then my wait was up so I went back into the room and she showed me again the needle jewellery etc etc and then cleaned my nose with the swap tissue, then asked me to lie down on the bed. Then she put the clamps on, it didn't hurt very much, then she asked me if I was ready, and I said not really but go for it! So she asked me to breath in and then out. When I breathed out she started to push the needle through and it seemed to take forever!! It stung like crazy, my eyes were watering and my make up was all over my face! But it did look good. I don't remember her putting in the bar i was just glad it was all over because it was a bit nippy.

I had the task of trying to hide it from my mum next. I tried to flip it up but the bar was tiny so i had to try and get the balls off the end. It took ages and once they were off I still couldn't flip it. In the end i managed to sort of twist it up. It doesn't matter cos my mum and dad have seen it now and they weren't bothered about it!

Cleaning it wasn't a problem. I was told to use Savlon antiseptic spray on a cotton bud and clean any crusting off, and bogies! It sounds gross but due to the location of the piercing its unavoidable and it happens to everyone. It was just my luck to get a really runny nose the same week I got it pierced and it ached when I tried to blow my nose, but 5 weeks on its fine and doesn't hurt much when I blow or pick my nose!

Well that was about 5 or 6 weeks ago and i should be able to change the jewellery soon and i cant wait to show it off since its been hiding in my nose for weeks! It still hurts if I bump my nose but apart from that its painless. One other thing I want to say though, my piercing goes right through the gristly bit, it doesn't go through the sweet spot. Im not sure if this is common due to the shapes of peoples noses but it wasn't til I got home and had a feel I noticed it was quite low down and right through the cartilage.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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