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Septum success!

Ok so it all started when I was bored looking up nonsense on the Internet and I happen to come across septum piercings. My boyfriends sister had her septum done before and thought it was cute but never really thought about, but after looking it up and looking at pictures with their septum done I fell in love! I just thought it looked so interesting and so unique. Nobody that I knew at school had this done so I was excited because I wanted it really bad. But the problem with me is one day I love something and think I want it when I really don't so I really didn't think I would get it done at all. Like in the past I "thought" I wanted my tounge pierced and I "thought" I wanted my belly button pierced and snake bits to.

So days pass and I'm obsessing over this septum piercing. Every chance I get to be connected to the interent I look up pictures, videos and stories and that's how I found this amazing site!! But I kept this up for about a month and during that month I kept talking about getting it done to my boyfriend and my sister. My boyfriend thought I should do it because he thought It would look cute on me. My sister didnt really say much, she just listened to me but I knew that she was thinking that I didn't have the balls to do it because I have the WORST and BIGGEST fear of needles no joke! Everytime I would need to go to the doctor I would cry just walking in the building because I did not want to get a shot! And when I did I would cry and just have a panic attack! The nurse even called me a big baby! Everybody knew me as a big baby when it came to needles, I can't even watch people getting stabbed with a needle! My fear is ridiculous but I can never get over it.And if never had a
piercing done, only my ears but when I was a baby so I don't remember a thing.

But by last two weeks of august I couldn't get the septum out of my head. So by now I was looking for the best places to go around my area because I don't drive yet. I did find one but you have to be 18 and I won't be 18 till a couple of months but I couldn't wait. So I asked my dad and he said "no,and I did let you I will laugh and call you a bull" so that was a fail. And asking my mom was not an option because everything is a NO for her no matter what it is. I was thinking about just walking into a place and getting it done but I heard alot of stories about alot of pierces doing it wrong and it being VERY painful if you just walk in and don't do your homework. so I wasn't about to do that because I don't like pain either.

So I told my boyfriend my dilema and he says "I'll do it for you!" and I was like " No your not, you don't know how!!" so long story short he convinces me because I had no other option and I wanted it before school started,and I trusted him. So he ordered a septum piercing kit for about 25 bucks,pretty good deal compared to 50 for getting it done at a shop. But before we could start making things official I made him do his homework on how to do it, where to do it and all that good stuff for about a week or so because as much as I trusted him I was still very terrified.

So he comes to my house nobody home with the septum kit but before we could do anything we walked to the nearest piercing shop to buy a ring because the one that came with a kit was way to big for me because my boyfiend ordered a 14g when I wanted a 16g,bit he told me that's all the had. So I bought a 16g horse shoe round looking ring with diamonds on the balls. The guy there stretched it open a little bit because I told him I was gonna need to have it fliped up for a while. It was so cute so I was excited and I just wanted to have it in already. So walking back home was funny because I was getting so nervous and gittery inside because I knew I was getting closer and closer to that moment when your sitting there waiting for something to be poked through you. So the whole way I was trying to calm down. We finally get to my house and after an hour of just talking about it and watching tv I finally say "ok, I'm ready!"

My boyfriend starts to get everything out of the box, which everything is nice and sealed and steralized. I was telling myself the whole time not to look at the needle but after a while I couldn't help myself and I looked which I shouldn't have!! Haha. And I yelled at my boyfiend for letting me look at it. First we were looking around where to do it and we ended up in the kitchen because of was the brightest room. So he tells me to sit down,and I'm facing him, well we are facing each other both of us sittig down. He starts putting the gloves on and I'm not nervous at all,expecting that I was gonna cry, scream, or have a panic attack. I even told my boyfriend in advance that If I cry or just lose it he can't laugh at me because my dad and sister did laugh when I got a shot and it really Hurt me so I took what I said very seriously. Then be looks at me In the eyes and says"Are you ready?!" and I say "YES!.. I think" but he stared to unpackage everything anyways.

He runs this pad with iodine,I think, in my nose. Then he takes out the clamps and finds my sweet spot and clamps them.this is when I get to get a little nervous but I think the reason I wasn't getting so nervous was because I felt like it wasn't real,like I was fooling myself in some strange way. Then he starts to put the lube on the needle. He starts coming toward my nose with the huge ass needle and that's when I yell "Stop!,ok,wait,hold on,slow down!!" and that's when I start to freak. So he stops am I tell him I'm scaredd!!! But he encourages me and then I say " ok ok I'm ready!!!" bit then I see the needle again and I say" wait! Are the clamps straight?! Is it in the right place??!!" then he fixs it(I dont think it was crooked at all, I was staling him hehe) then I tell him I'm really ready this time. I'm not. I scream and tell go to stop and he does. But I just keep this up and find any excuse to make him stop because I wasn't ready to feel a needle going through my se ptum. By this time 1 ot 2 hours pass by and he is really mad!!!! Because the lube kept drying and he kept having to reapply it and it was wasting.and I'm over here laughing and Laughing not because it was funny but because I was nervous and I laugh really hard when I laugh and he was getting even more mad!! So then he recieves a text from his mom sayig she is on her way to pick him up.in my mind I was think now or never now or neverrr!!! So I told him "GO GO GO!!!!!!" so I tilt my head back, closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and when I exhaled he just stuck it through my sweet spot." ouch!!" I said. Then my eyes watered, then I began to cry, not because it Hurt but I was just overwhelmed with everything. It was a big step for me. The jewel went right through, didn't feel it at all. But actually getting it pierced did Hurt. What did it feel like you ask? It feels like Exactly what it is, a needle going through your septum. It wasn't painful, it was just like a fast sharp pain, nothin that you can't handle. Oh ya and it bleed, but mostly like 5 min after I got it pierced.

After we were done I couldnnt get the smile off my face because I was so proud of myself. I couldn't believe I, the person terrified of
needles, just pierced her septum!! ;) I flipped it up right after he left. He gave me the see salt to clean it with. But next day I had to go to Utah with my dad by car, which is like 12 hours away from LA. So I was worried about the after care and hiding it. I had it fliped up for a whole week, bit mean while that week I was scared it would heal crooked so I would flip it down or play with it when my dad wasn't looking. But after a while i got crusties and it burned to move it, I was only able to move it after I cleaned it. It was sore and tender for a week or so. I felt like the sea salt wasn't helping it heal and i wa causing more crusties so when i came back home I stopped cleaning it and on about 2 days it was feeling way better, I was able to move it without any crusties And without it burning. After about 2 weeks from getting it pierced I would have to say it was completely healed. But it began to have a funny smell, like the smell from your ears when you have plugs, g rows smell. Now 3 weeks and 3days later I am glad I got it, it's nice and straight, no regrets,BUT I DONT RECCOMEND FOR ANYBODY TO DO THIS AT HOME, rather, go see a professional, I was just lucky that everything came out ok.

I really hoped I helped some of you guys out there. Getting my septum done was really worth it and love it!!

So I say go for it! Whoever is thinking of getting it done go for it, BUT do your homework first!!! Oh and on my septum jewlwry choice, not
the best because the diamonds already fell out :/ so I have to get a
new one soon but not for another month, so I recomend a plain one.Goodluck to you and if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me!! ;))


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on: 04 Oct. 2009
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