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you should get your septum pierced!

I have been thinking off and on for almost 3 years about getting my septum done. I think the piercing looks really cute on girls, plus the ability to tuck it up and hide it is certainly a bonus for jobs, etc. I had been afraid of the pain and that is one of the main reasons I think I put it off for so long.

Fast forward to earlier this week when I began really thinking about it again. I had my nostril pierced for years and really loved it, but I retired it a year ago for a new job (not that they asked me to, but i wanted "to make a good impression") I am still working for the same job but really began to think that not doing something I want to do for a job is really repressive and lame. Who are they to dictate to me what I can and can't do with my body? (not that they really did in the first place, but still!) All of a sudden a septum piercing seemed like a great idea again. I can easily keep it tucked up, hidden, and professional while at work, and then have it down whenever I am not there... perfect! (If I was really a badass though I wouldn't even tuck it up for work!)

Yesterday was pay day and I declared that I would finally get my septum pierced. I decided to go to Lucky 13 because I had been there for a tattoo a few years ago and remember their piercer being really friendly and knowledgable... we had talked while I was getting my tattoo done. I walk in last night and the piercer I remember is still there but he was busy with other customers. Another guy I hadn't met before said that he would do my piercing. I was OK with this because I know the shop is clean, reputable, etc. I only wish that this other piercer would have introduced himself to me as I never got his name! Maybe I did and just don't remember...

He walked me back to his station which was really nice and private. Since I was last there the studio has moved across the street to a new building and is much, much larger, as well as nicely renovated. First he checked out my septum with his (gloved) fingers, looking for the right spot. I had expressed my hesitancy that I might not have enough room for the piercing but he said it was perfect. I picked out my jewellery, a 16g horseshoe shaped barbell with teeny tiny little balls on the end (I told him I didn't like the was they looked with bigger balls) The piercer told me he would widen the barbell a little with pliers to make it easier to flip up and hide it. So after the jewellery pick-out, the "sweet spot" checking, and the nose cleaning I was ready to go.

He placed the clamps on my septum (which by the way did not hurt at all) and told me to breathe deeply through my mouth. On the count of 3 he pierced me. My eyes watered just like I knew they would (like with my old nostril piercing) and it stung for sure, but was definately not the excruciating, horrible pain that one might expect. It did not bleed at all. After the needle was in he followed it through with the jewellery and I got to take a look. I loved it! PERFECTLY straight! Happy happy! So cute! I am glad it was so straight too because he did not mark it before he pierced it. He just had me tilt my head up and placed the clamps accordingly. He showed me how to flip it up, discussed aftercare, and then I paid. The whole process was so quick-I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

So today is the morning after and it feels great. No soreness, I can easily wrinkle my nose pain-free and all that good stuff. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up because I thought it would be really sore today, but so far so good. My nostril healed so freakin' easy and quick so I am hoping that is the case with my septum as well. The only real pain I've had since the actual piercing itself was when I woke up the morning i rubbed my nose really hard because I had an itch- completely had forgotten about the piercing so it was a little ouchy, but nothing major. Last night I did a warm salt water soak and i plan on doing it twice a day until healed.

If you are thinking about getting your septum pierced, just do it already!! It does not hurt as much as you think it will, can be easily hidden without taking it out, plus it is just a really cool piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: lucky+13
Location: richmond%2C+va

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