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Septum stretching (8mm)

The first time I saw a large septum I knew i wanted one for myself. For about 2 years I wanted to have a healthy maybe 6mm septum. It wasn't until about 4months ago that I finally got it pierced. I had recently moved home after a relationship had ended, I had no money and no job. One day my sister offered to pay for me to get a piercing as she wanted one but was scared to go by herself. I quickly jumped at the chance and told her about how I wanted my septum done so i could stretch it. So, we woke up bright and early and headed into town the the piercing studio. After a short wait it was time, I went first since I was a bit braver then she was, I sat on the bed/chair and could feel myself getting super nervous, it was my third professional piercing and I think the least painful by far. The piercer cleaned the area and prepared the tools. She placed the clamps on and grabbed the needle. The clamp was the most painful part of it all. She pushed the needle through after I took a deep breath. Feeling the needle go in one side and out the other was weird but not really painful. Once the clamps came off it was a huge relief. Then in came the horseshoe. The bar coming through wasn't really bad either, but uncomfortable. I said that I wanted it flipped inside my nose as I didn't want it to be noticeable. She assured it'd be better if one ball was left off while it was flipped up but I didn't want to have to try screw the ball on while it was unhealed so I asked her to please put it on anyway. getting it flipped up hurt a bit but was fine after. I wiped away the large amount of tears that ran down my face from the piercing and left the studio with a 14g septum.

After about 4 weeks of healing I was ready for my first stretch. I had a 12g labret stud that I was no longer using so I used it as money was still a problem. I put the bar in with great ease and zero pain. It looked stupid but I was okay with that for now. After 2 weeks at 12g I was ready for 10g, so again in went a labret stud with no effort and no pain.

I had nothing bigger at that time and still no money so I wrapped the 10g stud with some PTFE tape. No pain but wearing it wasn't pleasant. After a week and no sign of it healing I added a 3mm delrin piece I had In my philtrum. Instantly it felt great. Since then I still haven't used PTFE tape. Once healed at 3mm I planned to taper to 4mm. I had a taper and another delrin piece with o-rings this time. It went really well, the taper slid in painlessly and the plug followed smoothly. Once that was healed about 2-3weeks later I was ready for 5mm. I decided to go with the taper method since it work so well last time. I used acrylic this time. the stretch was perfect just like the last, smooth and painless. then again for 6mm it was with acrylic and a taper. I sat at 6mm for a few weeks and was ready for 7mm but one night it fell out and I lost it.

I woke up after having nothing in my septum for about 10hours. i put the 4mm delrin piece back in easily and stayed for a day. The next day a tapered to 5mm and use the same plug as last time. After a week at 5mm I did something silly but still it work out fine. I tapered to 6mm and followed through with a 7mm delrin bit. It still wasn't painful but was uncomfortable for about a day.

After it was healed I went out and purchased a 8mm taper and a 8mm acrylic plug with 2 o-rings. I got home removed my 7mm plug and inserted the taper. In no time I had a clear 8mm plug in my septum, no pain again.

I've had my septum at 8mm for almost a month now and it's doing fine, I have a 9mm and 10mm delrin plug ready with tapers to match. My goal is 10mm but I can see me reaching 14mm maybe.

Though out my stretching I used warm water with sea salt to clean the area and the plugs. I find the hard plugs are good to wear but I am looking forward to trying a silicone tunnel as I think it will be a lot less sensitive when I bump the tip of my nose.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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