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Nostril piercing

From quite a young age, before I was properly into piercing and body mod I used to want my nose pierced and had a fake ring which I would sometimes wear on my nose. But after a while I didn't want it any more, I kind of went off the idea. However, fast forward a few years and I have discovered BME and the world of body modification. I have quite a lot of piercings and a few tattoos and the idea of getting my nose done starts to return.

I'm currently at university in Bangor (Wales) and I prefer getting things pierced at studios I know so I waited until I was home for Easter so I could go to my usual studio. I was quite scared about getting it done as I hate needles and hadn't got anything pierced for quite a while so I had been putting it off for a while but then I decided that I was going to get it done and stop being a wimp!

I usually go to Savage Art in Bedford which is where I was planning on going to get this done, but after speaking to my tattooist whilst having my wings finished she said that the place she sometimes works I could get a discount if I said she had sent me. So I thought I would go there instead even though it was not my usual piercer because it is much easier for me to get to this place and I liked the thought of a discount! The place was Adrenaline in Luton and I had been in there with a couple of friends who got pierced so I knew it was quite a good studio, otherwise I would have paid a bit more to go to my usual one.

So me and my friend decided on a day to go, she was coming with me as my support! I wasn't actually as nervous as I usually am whilst travelling to the piercing studio but I think this was because I was going somewhere different to normal and I haven't begun to associate that route with panic and nervousness yet haha.

When I got to Adrenaline I told the piercer I would like my nose done with a needle at 1.2mm with a ring. I chose a ring just out of personal preference as I usually heal ok with them in my ears, but in hindsight a ring is easier to knock and moves around more, but hey you learn from your mistakes. Whilst she was setting up I showed Mandy and Lisa (the tattooists) my wings so Lisa could see how they were healing and then it was time for me to go get it done.

I was quite nervous as I sat there and I warned the piercer I might go dizzy or faint as I have done in the past. She marked my nose and I looked in the mirror and asked for it to be a little lower because when it's healed I want to wear a very small ring in it. Next time it was fine so we were ready to pierce. I closed my eyes so I couldn't see what was going on, I would be more likely to faint if I looked! She clamped my nose which I thought would be more uncomfortable but she clamped it very gently. Then she pierced my nose! It took a bit longer for the needle to go through than I am used to but I think that's because she had to make sure it didn't jab me in the nose when it came out the other side. It did hurt quite a bit and I could feel it going through all the layers of cartilage but it wasn't too bad. My eyes did water quite a lot though. It also hurt quite a lot putting the jewellery in but I didn't go dizzy at all so I am proud of myself!

I was very happy with this piercing experience as the piercer was very friendly and made me feel at ease and talked me through what she was doing the whole time. Afterwards I realised how much you move your nose and don't realise! Whenever I yawned or laughed or flared my nostrils even a tiny bit it really hurt but after a couple of days it got better. After about a week it was less sore but I still couldn't blow my nose properly which was a bit annoying.

After having it done for about 3 weeks I accidently caught it really hard whilst getting changed so that aggravated it, and then to top that off I then got a cold so it wasn't liking all the sneezing and blowing my nose. Then about a week after this, I managed to punch myself in the nose in the night! It really hurt and when I looked in the morning there was a bit of blood round the hole. It then developed the bump! I'm quite prone to getting them, and it's not surprising considering it took a lot of bashing. I tried using camomile tea bags to get rid of the bump as this method came highly recommended, and the bump did start to reduce in size, but then started getting bigger again. I changed the ring to a stud which helped a bit too because it was much less likely to move around or get caught. This stopped the bump getting bigger but it was still quite large so I started using tea tree oil on it- a more harsh way of dealing with it but I tried a gentler way and it didn't work , and this method has worked on previous bumps for me. It takes quite a while for them to go but eventually they do.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: Adrenaline
Location: Luton

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