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My septum experience, how much I love it!

    Hello, my name is Tayler. I have been in love with body modification since I was about twelve. I currently have 10 piercings and plan to get much more. To continue on with my experience, I pierced my septum, which is the skin in the middle of the inside of you nose, for those who have no idea.  

It was about a month ago, and my friend Jasmine came over that day. We decided to go get some food and run by Hastings because she wanted to pierce her tragus and she was in lack of some jewelry. So we walked in and I had decided I wanted to do my septum also. So we also went to a local pawn shop so I could get a needle because she already had one. It was cheap and I already have my jewelry, it was a standard horseshoe and it had red jewels on the balls. Then we drove home. 

She went first and she got it through in like 5 minutes. She said it didn't hurt and later that night I did the same thing and she was right, easiest piercing ever. So now it was time for me to man up and get ready to do my septum. It was about 11o' clock at night and I began the sterilization process. 

    I boiled some water and put the jewelry in it and boiled it for about 10 or so minutes because I didn't want to get an infection or anything, but I also am not a germ freak. Then when I had finished that process I brought a paper towel and laid everything out. There were my clamps which were cheap plastic ones, a needle still in the packaging, and the jewelry. I ended up not even using the clamps. So began the piercing process. 

I got a marker and sat on the counter really close to the mirror and marked where I was going to put it which was very difficult. Finally I got the markings what jasmine and I thought were straight.  I then got the needle and made sure it was straight when I began pushing it in. It hurt pretty bad but what sucked the most is my eyes started to water because there was a sharp object in my nose. Then I began sneezing uncontrollably and I then thought this is taking forever and I just shoved it in really quick. 

I then had a needle hanging out of my nose but I felt proud of myself. So I put the jewelry in the end of the needle and it was kind of tricky getting the horseshoe in the piercing but after 5 or so minutes I got it in. Then the hardest part, screwing the final ball on so it didn't fall out. That took about 15 minutes because it kept falling out and such. I was planning on flipping it up right away but I didn't really know how to flex my nose to do it and it was a little swollen. 

    So then I decided that I needed to ice it a little bit because it stung a little bit but not to where it hurt that bad. So I took some ibuprofen so that it wouldn't swell any more than it already had. Then I did a 15 minute sea salt soak which made it feel a heck of a lot better believe it or not. So then I made sure it was all clean and i couldn't stop looking at it. I had restrained myself from playing with it but I just had to play with it. It didn't hurt when I slept or did anything. The one thing that hurt was: when I took off my shirt the next morning forgetting it was there I pulled my shirt off quick and the horseshoe caught my shirt and torn the skin. My eyes watered up and I wanted to cry. I then went the see if it was bleeding, and it was. Not that bad but I decided that I was going to soak it again just to be safe and plus I didnt want crusty blood on my new gorgeous piercing.

1 month later...

It has healed up for the most part, I can change the jewelry as I please. Plus I can hide it in front of family now. I told my mom I did it because she was coming home that day anyway from out of town and she wasn't happy. She also understood that I really wanted it and the fact I did it myself made her think I was super tough. All in all it was the best experience ever and I recommend the septum piercing to who ever wants it. Go to a proffesional but if you are stubborn like me make sure you know your stuff. Just don't do it slow like me, and if your doing it yourself make sure your informed and make sure you know how to take care of it. (:



submitted by: taylerrrr
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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