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My DIY Septum and Fainting

I've always loved piercings, and I knew I would want to get at least several eventually. Unfortunately, I have very conservative parents, who don't even really approve of ear cartilage piercings. Ergo, I've been feeling stifled for about the past 4 years, with only a total of 3 ear lobe piercings, the extra that I'd begged an entire year for. So, like a teenager, I ended up taking matters into my own hands.

I do not recommend self-piercing. I'd just like to state that here. If you're doing it just to save money, or because you think it's easier, for the most part this isn't true. Also, if you feel like you have to do it yourself, make sure to research for a long, long time. I researched mine for at least several months before I even attempted anything.

Anyways, after weighing my options, I decided that a septum piercing was to be my first "real" piercing (my lobes had all be done with a gun, before I knew how much that should be avoided). I researched them, from their history, to the individual stories posted by other people, to the best way to care for them afterwards. Also, it has the benefit of being easy to hide (a plus with really traditional parents), and much lower risk than other piercings I want (I mean, I would never do a Monroe or spider bites on my own).

Next, it was time to order my supplies. I ordered a 16 gauge EO sterilized hollow piercing needle online. For good measure, I also got septum clamps, because I thought I would feel more comfortable with them. After about a week, they finally came in, and the only other material I needed was the jewelry. I ended up going to a local shop and getting a black titanium infinity ring, that fits my nose very well (retainers are impossible to come by in my town). Besides, the black hides itself rather well when tucked up inside my nose.

I then prepared a sea salt saline solution for my aftercare, rubbing alcohol for disinfecting before the actual piercing, and a sterilized workspace. Now, all that was left was the actual piercing itself.

I put on my music, sterilized my nose, opened the needle, and put the clamps in place. Thankfully, I have a perfect sweet spot, even though my nose isn't particularly well formed. The clamp naturally sat in my sweet spot, and I started to ease the needle through. It felt like it wasn't doing anything, but then I saw it start coming out the other side. This is where my story gets odd. Apparently, if you already suffer from frequent dizzy spells and anxiety, the adrenaline caused by piercing yourself can have rather odd effects. As soon as I got the needle through and saw how good it looked in the mirror, I dropped to my bathroom floor. That's right-anxiety disorders+dizzy spells+adrenaline= instant fainting.

Thankfully, I wasn't hurt beyond a bruise on my hip, and I wasn't out for more than 30 seconds (because the same song was still playing), but still, it was very, very unexpected. I had to lie down for a bit after that, and I felt pretty good about it. After all, I'd just gotten a needle sitting nice and straight through my nose!

Then, it was time to put the ring in. It wasn't difficult at all, except for getting it through the very last part. Then I was done. It looked great- hardly any blood at all, not placed all wonky, and not much trauma whatsoever. My nose did get a bit runny from the nerves, but other than that, it was just about as normal.

I cleaned it up, took a bit of ibuprofen to keep it from swelling or hurting too badly, and I went to bed. I woke up, and I still had a hard time believing I'd actually done it! I cleaned it up with my saline again, and it's been doing fine since. I'm still in the early stages, so hopefully all will go well from this point. I absolutely can't wait until it's healed to the point where I can change the jewelry, as I have yet to reveal it in person to anyone for fear of irritating it too much. Fortunately, this also means that it hides perfectly, as neither my mum nor dentist saw it this morning. In fact, hardly anyone believed me, so the big reveal should be even more fun, I think.

Honestly, you should hardly ever pierce yourself. I know I won't again, but mostly because of the whole adrenaline and passing out thing. But if you feel like you really do want to pierce yourself, never use a sewing needle or improper supplies. It's worth it to do the research and spend the extra money. Also, I know I was very lucky with my placement, as I could easily have nicked the cartilage, or pierced it completely off center. In any case, I hope to enjoy this piercing for many years to come!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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