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DIY Nostril Piercing

Before I tell anyone anything I'd just like to say self piercing is VERY stupid and should never ever be done. Really, go to a professional before you do it yourself or let your friends stab a hole through you. I self pierce and I know I'm an idiot, don't do it, a lot of things can go wrong especially if you don't know what you're doing.

So I pierced my nostril last year but that didn't work out well and I was forced to let it close up. But today I decided, hell, might as well just do it again. I had been thinking about it and sense I had a small stud, a retainer and a ring as well as a hollow needle, then why not pierce it? I tried yesterday but I had hit a small nerve which put me in so much pain I had to stop. Today I tried again and this time I was able to do it. I set everything up and sense ice didn't work yesterday I decided not to even bother with it. I went straight into it in the same hole I had tried yesterday. I know it sounds pointless and stupid sense it hurt really bad yesterday but for some reason today I had no problem at all. It went in pretty quick, usually when I pierce myself it takes about an hour to be finished, but I was really there in less than 20. I could feel the needle through the other side and I was really glad and excited this time I would be able to get it through. Though when it started going through, like always it was the hardest and most painful part of the whole procedure. It hurt really bad so I took a few breaths, fanned myself so I wouldn't get too over heated and then push a bit hard and count to 3 before I stopped again. Weird enough, 40 minutes later it was through and I was able to scoot it through little by little in order to get the jewel in. I was so very proud of myself for getting it through. I have this type of self consciousness, when I can't pierce it I feel crappy, so I was really glad I was able to get it through.

Once I had got it through it was time to try and get a retainer through, but that didn't work out well at all. It was too short and it was one of the bent ones so it wouldn't fall out easy. My nose swelled a little so i wasn't able to get it through, I could see it almost through the hole but I knew getting the bent part through would hurt more than anything so I decided to just forget that and try the black stud I bought recently. Then when I tried to get my small black stud through it didn't work, ofcourse! I was scared because I loved my nose being pierced and I didn't want to have to get rid of it AGAIN so I tried pushing the stud through the hole from the inside. I was lucky it only coagulated a little and I was able to break through it again, once I cleared all the little pieces of dried blood I put the stud back in the way it was supposed to go and there it was, beautiful and amazing. I was really happy with it though, it was a little off from where I had wanted it but I still think even with that factor it looks cute.

I took some pictures and I took a shower, the shower was fine, it was just a bit sore was all but I was too scared to put it under the water because I didn't want the pressure to be too strong and intense for a new piercing. I looked at my navel piercing I got done recently and was happy my piercing collection was growing nicely and everything was going well so far. Then when I rubbed myself with the towel I accidentally yanked on the stud. It hurt so bad it was hard to take but it didn't tear it or anything, it was fine. Sense my family doesn't know I have my nose pierced I had to try my hardest to hide it. Yes I know, that's VERY stupid as well but I have the kind of parents that hate piercings more than anything even if it's apart of who I am. I was able to dodge my grandma a few times, even when she came to hug me I acted like I was scratching my nose and the second it was over turned the opposite direction and ran into the bathroom. I really hope I can keep my nose ring, I love it a lot and even if it's a bit off I think it's really cute. Now whenever I look in the mirror I beam with so much happiness. I'm proud of it, especially sense it's my own work! If anyone else is considering getting it done, DO IT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Nose Piercing

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