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two people passed out from one piercing.

I had wanted to get my nose pierced for about two years, when my parents finally agreed. I never really thought that I would actually go through with it, but then one day my best friend texted me and said she had suddenly decided she wanted it too, and her mom said she would take her. I was so excited to have her come with me, and we decided to go that Saturday. My parents were so nervous and spent hours googling the dangers of nose piercings, but I assured them I would take good care of it.

Saturday morning I woke up and I was so anxious. Around 1 my friend and her mom picked up my mom, me and my other friend. We drove for about 15 minutes till we reached the place, but we soon found out that not only did the parents need ID, the kids did too, which we did not have. Also, because my mom kept her maiden name, I needed to get my birth certificate as well, which was a big hassle so my dad ended up coming back with me instead of my mom.

Once we had gone all the way home and back to the place with our IDs, we started filling out forms in the store, and my friend wanted to go first. I wasn't allowed to watch, so she went back into a little room with just her mom. About 3 minutes later I heard an incredibly loud scream. At first I thought it was so funny that she would do that, but then I started to get so nervous because I didn't think it would be THAT bad, but she had screamed... It wasn't until she came back out that I learned it was only her mom trying to trick us, and of course my friend was so embarrassed because the whole store was wondering what happened.

My friend looked awesome, and I couldn't wait to get mine too, so the piercer led my dad and me back into the room. He sat me in the chair and started joking around, but he wasn't as friendly as I would've liked and he didn't tell me what was going on at all, so I was pretty nervous. I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on, but then he put the clamp on my nose, and slid the needle through. I was expecting a terrible pain, but it was nothing, a tiny pinch if anything. He put the stud in and the only time it hurt was when he was putting pressure on it to clean up the one drop of blood. Other than that, I was doing fine and I was so happy that it wasn't at all as bad as I thought it would be.

But then, just as he was adjusting the stud, my dad starts complaining about how he shouldn't have watched that. I didn't know what was wrong, but he said he had to go sit down, and the next thing I know everyone's yelling to each other and I just hear "He's down!" I started freaking out because I didn't know why my dad had passed out, when he wasn't even the one being pierced! I wasn't sure if I was done, so I didn't want to leave the chair, but I was so worried, and then suddenly I got the strangest feeling, and I kind of remember yelling, "I think I'm going down too..."

I woke up about 5 minutes later and I had NO idea where I was. I started yelling because I was in a tiny room with a strange guy and I couldn't remember anything. But then my friend's mom, who luckily is a nurse, started trying to calm me down and told me that I had just gotten my nose pierced. I started to remember what had happened, but I felt so sick and dizzy and I could barely see so they brought me an orange juice and I had to lie down for a while.

When I finally felt better, I got up and went over to my dad and started yelling at him for making me so scared and fainting, which I feel bad for now. But then I just started laughing at what a weird situation it was. So once everyone was back to normal, the guy told my friend and me all about how to clean it, and then I checked my phone. My mom had just texted me and said, "Good luck, and by the way your dad is bad with needles so he might faint!" Too late!

That was yesterday, and today I am still so happy with my nose. It barely hurts at all, and it looks great. I still have no idea why I fainted, I've never had a problem with things like shots, or getting my four ear piercings, but oh well. The guys at Physical Graffiti were a bit snobby, but overall it's a good place, and I would recommend it. And to anyone who has been considering a nose piercing, go for it! They're totally worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tommy
Studio: Physical+Graffiti
Location: Linden%2C+NJ

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