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True Love - a story of the high nostrils

One day, about a year ago I was browsing BME as usual, and I stumbled across the high nostril piercings. Instantly I was head over heels in love with the piercing. I had to have it, but I knew I would have to wait, as I clearly never have enough money for piercings with no job at all. So for a year, every month I would come back and study them, read up on them, and fall more and more in love with them.

Then about 4 months ago I decided, that for my birthday, I would call them my own. so the start for a piercer started, I asked my normal studio and they straight up refused, and worse refused to give me a valid reason. They gave me a number of their partner studio in the neighbouring town, which I immediately called up, but was so unimpressed with their standards of hygiene, and the staff, that I hung up the phone and never called them back. Thus leaving me with about 50 piercing studios in the neighbouring city, all of which I had no idea about. I decided to post a blog on my page asking about good London Ontario piercers. I got three replies, all telling me about this studio named true love, all raving about the piercer there, and then the piercer himself contacted me, saying he would love to do them as he has never done them before and it would be an amazing experience. On word alone I decided that was where I would go. I spoke to rob quite a bit, and anxiously anticipated the piercings.

Finally, the day came, I had the money, I had the appointment, and I was finally going to get the piercing I have wanted more than any other piercing. The day was finally here. my boyfriend and I took the car and drove into London, we had numerous other errands that day, and he had given me the task of navigating, my mind however was focused and totally engulfed by the idea of finally having the piercing done, and we were lost about 20 times. Around 6pm that night we finally drove to the studio and my heart was pounding, I don't think I have ever been more anxious and excited; no nerves had kicked in yet.

As I was given the forms, rob, came down and introduced himself. he said he would be a few minutes setting up and cleaning up after his last piercing, so my boyfriend and I should just wait in the sitting area (which by the way, was amazing, there were tattoo books, and it was well decorated, and clean, and there was a couch! a huge difference from my normal studio). The form was so thorough and professional too, just like the entire feel of the studio. Once I had handed the form back in, rob took me and Brock back into the room, which was an actual room, and it too, was clean and well decorated. Rob had set everything up on a sterile tray, and had everything set out (another huge change). He showed me everything, and was super friendly and awesome. he gave me a aftercare sheet, and spoke to me about everything, asked me about the info I had written on the sheet, once that was all out the way, he cleaned my nose, and marked me, taking close to half an hour, making sure it was perfect. (He even had piercing tools for marking!!!) Once I had Okayed the markings, he put in the receiving tube, and pierced my left side. no problems, we had decided to do the piercing first, taper second and then put in the jewellery, so he proceeded to place the receiving tube into my other nostril, and pierced, the right side was a lot worse than the left, and I almost caused him to mis-pierce and not pierce through the entire nostril, thankfully after his careful inspection, he found out that it was fine. He tapered and inserted the jewellery, which was 2 labret studs, as he found in researching that, that would be the best for this piercing and the possible swelling. He cleaned my nose and let me look at them. TRUE LOVE. He took some photographs and I paid him (I totally forgot to give him a tip, but when I go into to get the studs changed he is getting a MASSIVE tip!).

Overall, my high nostrils were the best experience, and my favourite piercing. I highly recommend rob, and I will never go to a different studio, after this experience.
I have been cleaning them twice a day since I got them, and they are completely pain free, I absolutely love them and I hope to keep them in for a very long time!!!

Check him/true love out true love - Rob


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: rob
Studio: true+love+tattoo
Location: london+ontario

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