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That thing inside my nose... Septum Piercing !

Since August I had been thinking about getting a septum. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. And eventually I was sure it would fit me, that it would look good on me, so I decided I would go for it - within a couple of months. I was sick and I wanted to give my body some more rest before getting a new piercing.

In November I couldn't resist the urge any more! I wanted something new, I needed something new, something for myself. Even though my body is still quite weak, I just thought it would be a good idea to get it done; I really needed something for myself, you see. So I looked at my calendar and I checked with a girl I knew from IAM whether she was free on the date I had in mind. It appeared to be okay, and that she wanted a new piercing too... That looked like a good opportunity to meet each other and to give each other some support through the piercing-process :-) So we made an appointment with Hetty of BodyDesign for a vertical clit hood piercing and a septum !

The day of our meeting came closer and closer, and finally it was there. So I went to Ghent, met with a friend of mine, did some shopping, and then said goodbye to my friend, to meet up with that girl from IAM (PatientHope). I was just in time for our appointment so I didn't really had the time to be nervous. We went inside, said we were here for the appointment of 12:30 and filled in some papers. PatientHope was quite nervous - but hey, she was getting a vch, who wouldn't be?! So I said she should go first (so I could catch my breath and relax a bit first - and get nervous, off course!) She was very very brave and didn't make a sound when the needle went through. OMG, Respect!

After that, Hetty took the stuff for my septum and gave me some instructions for the aftercare. Then she asked what kind of jewel I wanted... Well, it has to be turned up inside my nose most of the time, so I chose a regular circular barbell of 1,6mm. All set... Hetty cleaned my nose. Whow, that's really weird! Then she says to hold my head back, so she could draw a nice straight line on my nose. That way she can easily see where the put the clamps. And all of a sudden she's holding the clamps and the needle in her hand. Well, I was really nervous by that time, I thought it would be quite painful.... She puts on the clamps and holds the needle ready, saying I should get a deep breath, and then breathe out in one big sigh. In my head I was going like "O my god, O my god, O my god", and I was scared I wouldn't breathe out on the right moment. But then... it all went so smoothly! I breathe out, Hetty puts the needle through - I feel it going through, but it doesn't really hurt t hat much. My nose was burning and it was a bit uncomfortable, but all right... And then, it was finished! It was in!

Then came the battle with the ball :-) That's always the hardest part, to get that tiny ball onto the fresh piercing. Then the circular barbell had to be adjusted a bit, because it couldn't be turned up, inside my nose, like it was. She had to bend it a little but eventually it was all right and we got it in my nose... It's a very strange feeling, that thing inside your nose. It tickles a bit, but I'll get used to that.

I'm really happy with it, and I like the look of it, too. But I can't wait to get a smaller ring, that's going to be even more prettier, I'm sure :-D Another great thing about a septum piercing is that you can hide it so easily. I'm not really the kind of I-want-to-hide-my-piercings-and-tattoos-person, no, I'm proud of them. But I have to say I like the fact that people don't know it's there and that I can choose who sees it, and who doesn't.

Now it's a little over a week ago, and I have to say: I expected much worse! It really doesn't hurt, it's just a bit sensitive. I thought the healing process would be quite annoying, or even hard, but it's not. Off course, that is different from one person to another, but hey, you can be one of the lucky ones too ;-) If you want a septum, you really don't have the hesitate because of the potential pain (no pain, no gain!). The worst part over within five minutes!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Hetty
Studio: BodyDesign
Location: Ghent%2C+Belgium

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