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Septum Piercing

A little over a week ago I got my septum pierced. Something I'd been wanting for some time, but it took me a while to actually gather up the courage to go through with it. So when I did, I was unfortunately disappointed by my regular piercer. She did not want to do it, because of problems she'd previously had with the piercing. It kind of made me doubt whether I really wanted it enough to face the possible risks. But I still could not get the idea out of my head and started looking for other piercing shops in my area. Coincidentally I had a trip to Deventer planned some weeks later, and a friend of mine once told she had gotten her nose pierced there, so I knew there was a shop. A quick look on the internet and looking up that friend to ask about the shop convinced me that I should be able to get my septum pierced at Kynst.

Off I went, with that same friend. I wasn't feeling very nervous, yet, whilst on the train. Or during the walk from the train station to the shop. We entered and I was immediately impressed by the size of the studio and the welcoming atmosphere. The woman behind the counter, the piercer, asked how she could help me. I replied by asking if I could get my septum pierced. I got a positive response. That's when the nerves slightly kicked in. She led me into the piercing area and I sat down on the 'bed'. We chit chatted a bit, she commented on some of my other piercings, we discussed sizes. All well. She then told me she'd only pierce it with a bcr. This slightly disappointed me, as I don't really like the look of them. But I couldn't stop myself anymore.

Then it was time for some actual piercing business. She collected her materials and then began to look at my nose more attentively. She asked me about the place, close to the tip or not. I wasn't sure honestly, and asked her what she thought was best. She drew two dots and placed a cbr onto the dots to see if it was straight etc. This took some time, but it assured me that I was dealing with a professional, experienced piercer. Finally the time came to pierce the spot. I laid down and she put the clamp on. This barely hurt, I was quite surprised after all the information and experiences I'd read. She told me that it usually only hurt when the clamp's were placed onto the bone. Anyway, I was happy about it. By this time the nerves had really kicked in though, as I realized there was a needle about to be shoved through my nose. She instructed me on the usual routine: breathe in deep. Breathe out.

Through it went. And it hurt. Nothing unbearable, but definitely my most painful experience so far. It was a very sharp pain, and a few tears escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I then felt something something liquid dripping out of my nose and didn't realize it was blood until the piercer started to wipe it off. It kept bleeding for a little while, but nothing seriously bad. I got up a few minutes later to look in the mirror, and was surprised to find it didn't look weird to me at all. But we did see that the jewellry was slightly raised forward, probably due to swelling. She told me that the ring might prove to be to small if it would swell up more, since the ball of the bcr was already touching my nose. But I wasn't too worried, I asked my friend what she thought of it and said that overall it hadn't hurt that much. She assured me that it certainly had looked very painful. Suddenly I started to feel a bit unwell, and sat down on a chair. The piercer gave me a cup of water and we talked a bit. When I was sure I felt okay we proceeded to the hall again and she instructed me on aftercare and even gave me her phone number in case my nose would swell up, so she could replace it with a bigger piece of jewellry. I paid for it and happily exited the shop feeling satisfied.

Just to be sure I bought some aspirin, to prevent swelling and was looking forward to impressing everyone with my new piercing at the party I had later. It didn't bother me much, but I couldn't stop touching it. I still had to get used to it. The next day I decided to remove the ball, as it really was pressing against my nose. It seems to have helped, plus I think it looks a lot better.

The pain I endured was different from what I'd anticipated. I had expected it to hurt while sneezing, or when touching the tip of my nose. But it doesn't. It was sore a couple of days, and one side hurts a bit more for some reason. But after more than a week I can see that it's carefully starting to heal. I remove the crusties with a pincher after I've soaked my nose in a saltwater solution, which was really uncomfortable at first. But blowing bubbles helps and my mother recommended these small tubes to me. They contain a salt water solution, and come with a pipet. It's meant for babies with colds, the brand is Daro. Anyway it's very handy.

Right now the only thing bothering me is how much it itches and not being able to blow my nose. But I'll get over it. Now all I gotta do is keep it clean and wait to see how it will heal. So far I'm glad I dit it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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