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really not as bad as you think!

Ok well this just happened yesterday {on the 22nd November 2008}, I wanted my nose pierced as my mum approved this and not a tongue piercing which is what I really wanted for a while now but just have to wait for my 18th so I took anything she would let me get. On the 20th of November I accompanied my friend jill to a piercing place that was about 45 minutes away called sharica's, which is not only a piercing place but also a sex shop. I wanted to get my nose done there and then but as I am not 18 and didn't have any one of my parents with me I wasn't able to get it. The day after that my friend nicole convinced me to get it done where she got her tongue done a couple of nights before and the best thing about the local place is that you can just walk in without an appointment and they are opened until midnight.

So on the 22nd I got my mum to come with me to one of the local piercing place where she approved it and then had to leave for work. So now I was left all by myself, which was very scary by the way since I have heard that the nose is the most painful place to get it done. Before hand I asked the people there a lot of questions which they answered all graciously and the staff were very professional about it all the place was clean and even smelt clean very very clean {I know it sounds weird but you know what I mean} So I called up my best friend Nicole who just got her tongue done, a few minutes later her and her boyfriend arrived down at the shop and she told me she couldn't hold my hand with me she feels like she was going to be sick and then she ran out outside without warning to go throw up she didn't though thank goodness that would have hurt with just getting her tongue done, since she wasn't there I squeezed the hell out of her boyfriends hand poor thing! I apologized s o much after wards. The piercer asked me where I wanted to get it pierced like what side left or right or the middle I chose the left he then cleaned the make up off of the left side of my nose with some disgusting smelling stuff and then cleaned again just to make sure he got it all off. Then he gave me some tissues and said that I may need these more than likely my eyes will tear up.

He took the clamp, needle and nose stud out of the new packaging {had to make sure it was sterile!} put the clamp in my nose {very weird and quite uncomfortable too} and positioned the needle in place then I shut my eyes and what felt like a sharp sting for only about 2 seconds soon left he then put the stud in and cleaned around it and told me to hold a tissue there as it was bleeding a little bit he then told me all the aftercare instructions I paid him the $50 and then he sent me on my way. It was sore for a while and still is a little bit but I couldn't stop looking at it I loved it and the few seconds of pain was worth it all.

One of the funniest things he told me to do was that I have to wear band aid on my nose when I go to bed for the first few weeks as it is easy for the stud to come out so it was a little weird sleeping with that on. I had to do this because if it fell out during the night the hole will most likely close up and I would have to pay another $50 to get it re-pierced which I hope not to do although this is just my second day so far.

All in all it was a good experience and even though it still hurts a bit now it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would leading up to it getting pierced was more agonizing then the actually needle going through haha. If you want it done I say go for it and yes to be truthful it will hurt but not that much and not that long don't let what other people say scare you out of getting one just make sure you really check out the place you want to get pierced in make sure you feel comfortable there and make sure everything is clean and sterile for sure and do your homework before hand make sure its really what you want!

P.S. don't freak out hold somebody's hand if you get scared and before you know it it's over and done with!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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