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My Second (Third!) double nostril.

My Second Nostril!

I've already written about my first nostril piercing, but I thought I'd talk about my second (technically third) nostril piercing as well. Now. I'd already had twinned nostril piercings at one point, lovely cute little things but unfortunately a month or so after I'd got the second hole done I'd developed the bastarding bump on the top of the hole. Needless to say I was gutted, I spent weeks trying to get it to calm down, sea salt soaks, babying it, tea tree compresses but nothing would make it go away. I wouldn't have minded too much, people wouldn't have noticed normally but it pushed the stud down my nose and although they were never both perfectly even on my face this bump pushed the stud so much that it really looked wonky.

Eventually I took my stud out and let it heal up for a few months. Eventually, I got sick of having an asymmetrical face and I wanted a little stud on the left side again. My friend had said she'd had her nose pierced a few times on the same side and it didn't seem to do any harm, and she'd even had it done with a gun (!) instead of a needle so I figured I should be ok getting it re-needled now it'd had a few months to close up. I went back to my regular piercer (who had previously pierced both sides of my nose) but he wasn't there. I talked to the other lad who was at the reception and he asked what Kind of jewellery I wanted. Id got a little black-line semi sphere nostril stud in and I said I'd like the other side to be a similar black stud. He had a look through the catalogue that they order from and they didn't have any the same as the one I was wearing, but they did have little black studs with silver gems in. I said that'd be fine and he told me when the studs would be in, so after psyching myself up for a new (ish) piercing, I'd been made to wait!

Anyway. A few days later when I knew the studs would be in I went back with my boyfriend there for moral support and Karl was in and said it'd be fine to do it there and then. We went to the back room and he showed me the studs. They were gorgeous! He custom bent the studs before he autoclaved them, and showed me how I could bent studs that I order (usually the bends are very small and quite hard to get into your nose!). He got out a new needle and clamps and set everything up while we were chatting. He had a look at my right nostril so he could mark up my left one and try and get them as even as possible. He put the clamps up my nose (incredibly itchy and uncomfortable, as anyone who's had a nose piercing will know!) and I prepared myself for the needle to go through. Now. The last two nostril piercings I've had have hurt, quite a lot in my opinion, cause I think the cartilage in my nose is pretty thick, but this time, bloody hell this fucking hurt. I think it was because
it was going through scar tissue, but I mean, this one REEEALLY hurt. I scrunched up my eyes and held down on the bench as tight as possible. When he did it I think it was so difficult to get through he had to push twice. That's what It felt like anyway, it felt like he pushed in once, stopped to get a better grip because it wouldn't go in, then he pushed in again. Either way, It was very very painful. Sliding the jewellery in hurt a LOT as well.

When he'd finished I jumped up to look in the mirror, pretty good, not completely even but I don't think it's possible to get them spot on. I was happy! We went to the reception to pay, and He gave me my other nose stud in a little bag and charged me £15 in total, for both studs and the piercing. We left and went for our usual drink in the pub afterwards. I tried putting my new stud in the right side of my nose but it was quite difficult in the pub without a mirror so I put my old stud back in and waited until I got home.

The healing of my second nostril has been relatively ok. No bumps or real problems with it, Just been a rather lengthy healing period, as most of my piercings are. Salt soaks every say and cleaning it regularly. After a few months I wanted to change my studs to rings, but For the longest time I couldn't get the curved stud out of my nose. I tried on numerous occasions but it hurt so much I couldn't bear to try anymore. I figured it just wasn't healed enough to take it out yet. One night I was so sick of trying, and not being able to get the stud out of my nose I said I wasn't going to wuss out, I would just pull on it until it came out. I sat on my bed and twisted the stud and pulled on it with my fingernail and my eyes started watering because it hurt so much. Eventually it popped out and I sat back on my bed in pain. I picked up one of my other studs and put that one in. I looked at the stud and the bend in it was horrible. It hadn't been bent properly, the L shape that st uds usually have wasn't really an L shape, more of an angle you'd find in an equilateral triangle, the bend was very sharp. No wonder I couldn't get it out of my nose! Even though It hurt a lot to get it done and to get the stud out its doing really well now and I love changing my jewellery so my studs match.

I've moaned a LOT in this about the pain of the piercing, generally it doesn't hurt too much to get your nose pierced, I think it was just the mixture of scar tissue in my nose and the horrible bend in the stud. I'd recommend this piercing if anyone wants to get it, I love my matching nose studs and I wouldn't change them for anything!


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Karl
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