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My Little Nose Screw

Lets start off by saying I never use to like nose piercings, I thought they were ridiculous and not very attractive. I had surgery on my nose about a year ago and I've felt like my nose doesn't look the same.

Usually when I get a piercing, it comes out of the blue...oh I want my belly button pierced, my cartliege pierced...and this time it was no different. I wanted my nose pierced and I wanted it as soon as possible. My friend and I were talking about getting pierced and I told her I wanted my nose done and she wanted her nipples done so we decided to go.

I called a few studios and the cost range was usually just above $50, but I called another studio and she said that it was just $35! Okay, book us an appointment for tomorrow after 6:30.

The next day I went to work and my friend texted messaged me through out the day. I was beginning to get nervous but she seemed fine, I noticed about a million people with their nostril pierced and it was usually on the left side of their body. I was told it wasn't going to hurt and that your eyes water automatically, it seemed everyone was a brave soul.

My friends came to get me and on our drive to get it done,I became even more nervous but I just knew that I was going to get it done. The day before I explained to my parents that I wanted it done and I hope they don't mind if I get it done, at first my mom was upset and my dad just said it is your choice, and their words were ringing threw my ears.

When we got to the studio our piercer let us pick out our jewelery, my friend picked out hoops for her nipples and I picked out a nose screw with a tiny clear rhinestone.She asked who was going to go first so I decided I wanted to go first. I jumped up into this chair and my friend rubbed my leg and held my hand. The piercer put tape over a popcicle stick and stuck it in my nose, after she marked it and checked it it was time to get it threw..at first I felt a little pressure and I was like wow this is nothing but then as she pushed and pulled the needle through it hurt, I am not going to lie it was the most painful piercing I had and it also hurt more than my tattoo. I had one huge tear come out of my eye and she wiped it up and put the jewelery threw and cleaned it and finally let me see, it was so beautiful. My friends said it looked like it belonged and that I had it forever, they also told me later that it bled quite a bit.

I decided instead of getting it on my left side I was getting my piercing on my right side. The piercer told me not a lot of people get it on that side so I was happy about that. It was my friends turn I held her hand and talked her through her nipples being pierced, which bled a lot but she loves them. My nose hurt for a few days after and was red for two or three but I've had it for a week now and I love it. It is the cutest piercing and I look at it all the time, even my grandparents that don't support piercings or tattoos thought it was cute, so i was happy. When I got home that night my dad asked if it hurt and my mom asked me if i planned to keep just the little stud in it, and i think i will.

I clean it a couple times a day with saline solution and a q-tip and I move it around so that it doesn't heal to the jewelery . Nose screws can be difficult to come out but they also don't slip out of the hole as easily which can cause problems for some people because they can also become difficult to put in and I've heard of a lot of people having it slip out and not being able to put it back in and the hole closing.

In the end both our piercings together cost $105. The piercer also told me that the nose is the most painful part of the body that someone can get pierced because the skin is not as flexible, and is somewhat thicker. Sometimes I feel something in my nose and I remember its there and I smile because it made me feel better about my nose after surgery, I love it and am excited to show everyone at christmas time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Location: Ontario+Canada

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