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My first nose piercing.

I was only fifteen when I got this done, and it was my first facial piercing, so I didn't really care what I got. So you shouldn't take this story as an example of what to do when choosing a piercing, but as an example of how stupid and thoughtless I was. Now, onto the story.

As I said, I was only fifteen and I was itching for a piercing somewhere other than my ears. So I casually approached the subject with my mom. Now, this went a lot smoother than I had hoped because I discovered my mom has a bit of teenager left in her. She agreed to let me get a nose piercing after talking it over with a few of the people she worked with.

The night after she gave me her permission, I went over to my sisters to babysit. While there, I scheduled the appointment, and went to research my soon to be piercing some more. I learned the difference between studs, screws, captive hoops and regular hoops. I also researched cleaning tips, healing tips, etc.

That night I hardly slept; I was too excited. The morning finally came, however, and we went on our way. Directions have never been my mothers strongpoint, nor mine, and we ended up 35 miles further than we should've. We ended up in a town called Addy, and we searched for quite awhile for the address. Finally we gave up and called the piercer. We established that we were in fact in the wrong town and were given directions to the correct place. I'm really grateful they were so polite when giving us directions because I wouldn't have been.

Anyways, we drove to the right town this time, and started looking again...only to get lost again. So yet again, we called the piercer and we were only about fifty or sixty yards away. I kid you not.

So, this time when we were finally at the right place, we went in. My first thoughts walking in were "What if this chick doesn't know what she's doing?" But luckily, I was proved wrong. We were welcomed, and I was put into a comfy dentist like chair. While my mom chatted with her husband, I chose my jewelry and she marked the piercing spot. After that, she put some gloves on, picked the jewelry out, got a needle and stuff ready, and got the thinger that catches the needle when it goes in the nose. I don't know what its called. So now we were ready! She told me to take three deep breaths, and that she'd be inserting the needle on the third exhale.

This is the part where I tell you about the excruciating pain, except there honestly wasn't any. All it felt like was a quick pinch on my nose, then some burny itchy feeling for a couple minutes. After it was done, I thought "thats it?" Putting in the jewelry hurt more than the actually piercing, and the putting in the jewelry part hardly hurt. Pinch your nostril for about two-three seconds, then just a bit harder for about two seconds. Thats about how much it hurt.

I was told how to care for my new piercing, and given some cleaning stuff. She even gave me an extra piece of jewelry, which I thought was really nice. (I was given nose screws, which I recommend for the following reasons. 1. They feel more secure in your nostril. 2. If you toss and turn when you sleep, or jump around a lot or something, then there's almost no chance of them falling out. 3. They don't hurt too much when you blow your nose like studs do. o_o 4. They probably won't fall out as easily in the shower or pool or sprinkler or something as a stud would. They seem to be more practical, but its entirely up to you. I'm just giving my friendly advice.)

All in all, I had an awesome experience. The piercing part was really warm and friendly, and her kids and husband were there, so it was like a family affair, which I also thought was cool since I'm always surrounded with family. I wasn't even as scared as I thought I would be.

I was in love with my new piercing. But after about 7 months after I had gotten it, I developed a really weak self image, and thought my nose was too ugly for such a pretty piece of jewelry. Hormones can suck at times. My piercing healed, and after it did, so did my weird self image thing. Now I miss my piercing more than anything and wish I hadn't taken it out.

I would definitely recommend a nose piercing for anyone. They accent all your features on your face, and with all of the jewelry available for them, you can have endless options to play around with. My only advice is that you definitely listen to the instructions given, they aren't trying to be preachy, they're being safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. [:


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on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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