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My experience with the nose piercing

I waited a long time, almost a year, to make the decision of making my nose piercing. It was three years ago, in june 2005. The piercing was between the eyes.It was a challenge for me, I tested my bravery, because I was scared about the physical pain. Now I've got it no more, because of an accident, so be careful, tighten up well the "balls" of your piercing if you don't want to lose it during sleep. After taking three exams to the university, in Italy, I decided to reward myself making the piercing I wanted for so long.

Before going to the studio i phoned to a friend of mine, which has two piercings, to ask for information.So I went to the studio with two friends, that patiently waited with me. They both were never been in a piercing studio, and it was the first time for me too. It was so hot that evening, but in the tattoo studio there was a pleasant fresh air. First of all we discussed about the exact position of the piercing. Then, my friends remained in the waiting room, while me and the piercer with her assistant went to the "laboratory". It was a little room, used also for tattoos, where she (the piercer) kept the small autoclave and the couch. Then she went to another room, to wear a surgical gown, while me and the assistant were chatting.In a tray the piercer kept gloves, antibiotics, several packs of needles. In another tray there was a large box filled with piercings of all sizes and colors. We chose my bar, then we began.

Yes, I felt a little pain, I felt something like a pinch and there was a little drop of blood; I remember I was tightening the fists when my piercer was inserting the needle; but it was exciting at the same time,and the final result was exactly as I imagined before. . It was a 14 or 16 mm.long bar, if I remember correctly, "like that used for the tongue", said my piercer. That evening, we returned home by car, talking about the recent experience.

Now I have to talk about my piercer that was so accurate, kind and sweet. First of all she marked with the pen the two points, then I saw she sterilized the piercing, opened a new needle, put on new gloves. I was lying on the couch and waited, trying to relax. All in the studio were excited because this piercing is unusual in our city, in fact there were only two other girls who had it. To my mind the most difficult thing to do when taking a new piercing is to take care of it. In fact it takes almost a month to heal, and needs a lot of attention, because it must remain clean and especially it should not be abused. Another advice I want to give you, is that the ointment you have to put on the piercing must not be exposed to the sun because it leaves a yellow stain on the skin, I am talking about a medicinal called "aureomicina 3%".

At night, I met a friend of mine, the one who advised me about the tattoo and piercing studio. She was enthusiast. I was a little bit scared of what my parents would have said seeing the piercing. In fact neither my father nor my mother were happy about this piercing, even aware that that I would have done it. The more frequent question that I am asked is :"How did you think to make this piercing?", probably because at a first sight I'm not a girl who leads piercing. On the contrary I like very much piercings and I like much more bars than rings; the ones that I prefer are horizontal piercings. For those who had never made a piercing I can say that the feeling when they are inserting the needle is like a stitch, exactly like that. If I made a new piercing I would make a tongue p. or a tongue related, like the smiley, a navel or a navel related. I would like it horizontally, under the navel. Another type of piercing I like is that between the thumb and the index.

While doing the piercing I felt a strange thrill, this is what the experience gives you, and I think, even if it could seem strange, feeling pain is a sort of purification. I made this piercing for the second time a month later the first experience, because I didn't take enough care of it. The second time, I used a shorter bar, that looked very nice, it was 11mm long, and even my piercer liked it more than the first one. I learned something from the first experience and the second time, I took care of my piercing, and after a month or about, I began changing shape and colors of "the balls". I have a number of photos in which the little "balls" on my nose change color and shape.

A commonplace to discredit, is that this kind of piercing doesn't make you cross-eyed. Furthermore, If you want to make a piercing remember to choose a good piercer and a studio where people are competent and follow rules of cleanliness, because you are responsible for yourself. For instance, I would never make a real piercing on my own.

This piercing, as I have already said, is little known in my city, but well known in other cities, in fact a famous actress and a famous italian singer lead it. Finally I have to say I like much more piercings than tattoos, even if in these days I am surprisingly thinking about making a tattoo. I hope that I expressed in a comprehensible way, since I don't speak english very well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: kasia
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Location: Taranto

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