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My Christmas Suprise

WARNING: This experience should not be copied. I was rash and stupid to have a random friend pierce a very delicate area. I would not recommend others to do as I have done.

It all started about a year and a month ago, when I decided to get my septum pierced. Naturally you would just run down to your friendly neighborhood tattoo parlor to get it done, but I had a few problems with that. I was only seventeen, my parents were dead set on not letting me get any facial piercings while I was under their roof, and I wanted it down before I left high school. I already had six piercings in my ears which had already put my parents at their limit (especially after I gauged my two lobes to a six and an eight). I reassured them that I as done and that I did not want anymore. However I'm sure there are those out there that understand once you start it is extremely hard to stop. I had toyed around with the idea of having my septum pierced for months by taking captive bead rings and "hooking" them inside my nose. I even wore it to school one day just to get a rise out of my teachers and classmates. While working at a nameless pizza place I had a friend that sho wed me his septum ring which I had never noticed until he pulled it down. It amazed me how something so obvious was so easily hidden, and that was the spark to my fire. I decided then and there that I wanted it done, but I did not know how or where to do it. It was later, while talking to another septum enthusiast, I was told that he was going to get his done by a friend of ours from work. I talked with him about it the next day, and he said he would do it for free as long as I paid for the equipment. He, being over the age of eighteen, was legally able to buy it all from a professional site. I made up my mind to go against my parents, and get the facial piercing I had wanted since I learned of its existence.

Weeks had gone by since I had given him the money to order the equipment. I was anxious. I could not wait to walk around school with a ring hanging out of my nose. Finally I asked him about it at the employee Christmas party, and he said that it had just gotten in a couple of days ago, and since I had not seen him at work he almost forgot about it. It would only be a few more days until he was ready. I was at work, and it was a slow night. Standing there bored out of my mind I was startled by my phone going off. I looked down to see and unknown number. With nothing better to do I answer. It was he who would deliver a ring to my septum. He told me to go on a five minute break, wash my nose with soap and water, and come out to his car. I do so without hesitation. The anticipation left my heart racing. I could not believe what I was about to do. I climbed into the passenger seat while he was getting everything set out. He explained the whole procedure to me like a professional.
He made me find my sweet spot with my finger, then with the tongs that would act as a guide for the needle. I was ready. I held the tongs steady despite my racing heart. I breathed in... and out. I felt as though I had been hit in the nose. Tears immediately rushed to my eyes, and my exhale caught in my chest. I sputtered and coughed as the shock of the piercing hit me. It felt great. He then proceeded to remove the tongs from around the needle, which was the only painful part of the whole ordeal. Once the staple was in I sat back and let out a long sigh. I had done it, and it felt amazing.

Tragedy almost struck only a few days after the whole procedure. While getting ready for bed, i.e. washing my face and septum ring, my mom knocked on the door, and mumbled something incomprehensible. Without thinking I opened the door to hear. The shock was immediate on my mother's face. I had left it down. Of all the stupid ways for her to find out it had to be this. After a back and forth argument the ring stayed after I had lied to her saying I had a professional do it. Well he was as close to a professional as someone in my situation could get. However my mom was not my biggest problem.

After I got back from Christmas vacation I had to find a way to explain to my girlfriend why I had gone behind her back and gotten a new piercing without letting her know beforehand. The conversation was not pretty. Threats upon threats of having it ripped out were thrown at me. Eventually things died down, and to prove to her that I loved her I took it out, and gave her the ring. The next day she came to me, and apologized for the way she had acted and gave me the ring back. I apologized also, and made a promise that if I was ever going to do something stupid like it again I was to let her know. It was a tight squeeze, but I got it back in. and I was on the fast road to recovery.

It has been almost a year to date that this all started. About a month ago I convinced my girl (the same one by the way) to let me gauge it to a ten. The process was nearly the same as when I pierced it. I breathed in... and out. Again my breath caught. It was exhilarating. With the pain fresh I drifted easily off to sleep. By pure accident (and I swear it was) I pushed and eight gauge through almost effortlessly. Once I felt that slight tightness I was hooked. I'm stopping here. This is a good gauge to be at. It is large enough to be noticed yet small enough to where I can still push the ring up and hide my favorite piercing at my new job where the residents are not so keen on the whole body modification scene: Although soon their Christmas bonus to me will pay for a new set of pinchers. And so it is a Happy Christmas for me two years in a row.

And I must admit I enjoyed writing over eight hundred words. If I had not then it would have been a really short and boring story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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