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My 4gauge Septum.

So about a month ago I decided the time was right for another piercing, the question was what piercing would go well with my others and also what would suit my face. I eventually decided that a large gauge septum was what I wanted. After a few weeks of trying and failing to save the money I needed to pay for the piercing I asked a friend who owed me a favor to pay instead, luckily for me she said yes. A few days later we went to Vogue body piercing to book an appointment. When I told Lori the owner and head piercer of the shop that a wanted a 4gauge septum she was fairly skeptical about the idea and told me that it could be a difficult procedure depending on my sweet spot. After a brief conversation about sizes and procedure and what jewelery I wanted I booked the appointment for Tuesday. Partly because it was the next day and I was eager to be pierced, but mostly because the prices are slightly cheaper on Tuesdays.

The next day after a good night's sleep and a big breakfast I headed to the city to be viciously assaulted with a large needle pierced again. I had the familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach which I only associate with being pierced as I walked in to the shop and said hi to everyone there. After some talking and joking around we went into the studio to start marking me up. Lori put on a pair of gloves and began giving the inside of my nose a clean with some yellow goo that I can never remember the name of. She then changed her gloves and took a toothpick, dipped it in marking ink and proceeded to mark my septum with dots and the underside of my nostrils with lines to make sure everything was even. After Sana (one of the piercers at the shop) my friend Mia and myself had a good look to make sure it was spot on Lori re-gloved and had me lay on the piercing chair/bed and showed me all the sterilized equipment and jewelery she would be using. (I had chosen a 4gauge pincer with o-rings to wear as initial jewelery the previous day).

After I had lain down the shops phone rang and Sana went to answer it so we waited as she wanted to watch me get pierced at such a large gauge. A few seconds later she was back and we were all set, Lori explained once more how she was going to pierce me and that because my sweet spot wasn't the biggest in the world there was a chance that the needle might graze the cartilage of my nose and cause more pain and swelling. Once she had told me that I was going to feel the needle slide past my nostril through my septum and then a pinch as she followed the jewelery through and put on the o-rings she asked if I was ready. After me replying with a big yes she took the needle out of its packaging and told me to take a big breath in... And out again as she passed the needle through surprisingly it didn't hurt as much as I had expected. Also she had chosen the placement perfectly, not to far forwards not to far back and she didn't hit my cartilage at all, after she had the jewelery in a nd the o-rings on I jumped up to look in the mirror and have a look at the new addition to my face. As I was looking at the piercing though I watched my nose swell right up, it was pretty concerning as I watched my piercing go from dead straight to crooked in a matter of seconds.

We all adjourned to the counter room and I was given my sea salt and instructions on how to best clean my septum for the next few weeks. After Mia paid the 50 dollars for the procedure I decided to go home for some lunch and a rest. The first shower that night was amazing my nose had been throbbing and sore all afternoon so the warm water over it was extremely soothing.

Day one of my new piercing was a little painful as I had rolled over in my sleep and ended up sleeping on my face for some strange reason, but again a nice warm shower made my nose feel better again. I cleaned it with a Q tip and warm water that morning and night and a small amount of dried blood was trapped behind the o-rings both times but nothing major.

Day two was uneventful other than the fact that I felt like sneezing all day, I managed not to though so that was good.

Day three was the day I realised I couldn't blow my nose which was horrible because my nose was constantly runny by this point so I was sniffling the entire day. That night I had to take the o-rings off to clean my nose because the crusties were heaps painful, after taking the o-rings off I soaked my nose in a coffee mug filled with hot water sea salt solution which was marvelous.

By day five the swelling was mostly down to nothing and my septum was straight again.

Day eight now and the swelling is down to nothing at all and there is no pain in my nose at all. I have been cleaning it by taking off the o-rings and soaking my nose in hot water sea salt solution and wiping around the jewelery with Q tips.

It was a great experience for me and I now feel like I should have had a large gauge septum a long time ago. I also highly recommend if you live in Darwin or the Northern Territory and would like to be pierced Vogue is the place to go!


submitted by: ican
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Lori+St.+Lone
Studio: Vogue+Body+Piercing
Location: Darwin+Australia

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