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Its worth it

OK so, I always thought the septum would be the last thing I'd get pierced, I always thought of it as a little absurd in a way and told myself I would never get it done. But as time when on, I found myself to love it, and soon I'd want to get it done so bad. I was supposed to get my eyebrow pierced for my 16th birthday, but as time went on I didn't get the chance to, so for my 17th birthday which had just pasted I decided on getting my septum pierced. Now where I live no one I know or have seen doesn't have their septum pierced.

So with that I thought it would be awesome to be unique and get it done. I asked all my friends what they thought of it. Most of them liked the idea and agreed, while some said its your body...My family on the other hand didn't really like the whole idea. My mom was the only one who didn't disagree. She had thought it would look cute.

Since everyone likes to have a friend with them, I tried to have my stepsister come with me, but sadly she was busy that day and I wanted to get it done as quick as I could. I just went with my mom, Who was really cool because I don't do much with her.

I did some research on the piercing studios around my area, checking the price and if they offered septum piercing. I eventually choose the studio Expressions because my friend Paige had recommended it to me and Said that they were really nice when she got her eyebrow done.

On the ride to the studio I was so excited and yet deep down I was a little worried about the question of pain. I read a couple of stories some people had posted on here, most said it didn't hurt, I even watch a youtube video to see a persons facial expressions. I also had the wonder about if I'd bleed alot. Overall I was just so exited to finally get it done. Finally When I Got to the studio I walked in and asked if they could pierce my septum, they said yes and they could do it right then and there. The women at the counter helped me pick out the jewelry, at first she had suggested a 10gauge retainer because she said it would look good with my hair, but since this would be my first actual professional piercing I had a 14gauge in mind, finally I choose the spiked 14gauge horseshoe. I had to wait for the piercer, Josh to get back.

Finally josh got back. I showed him the jewelry I wanted and he said okay. The women behind the counter, which happend to be Josh's sister had shown him the 10gauge retainer she had suggested but he said he didn't really like to use retainers. So that was that and I was that much closer to getting my septum finally pierced. But sadly I had to wait some more, Because some other person was there before me wanting to get his eyebrow pierced. As I waited I become more excited.

At last the time had come and he called me in to the back room. HE was setting up the tools and what not, While my mom asked him all these questions about piercings. Then after he got all the stuff ready, he had me hold my head still. I thought it was a little strange, I would have thought he'd want me to tilt my head upward a little so I did that but he said no don't do that. cleaned my nose a little, it wasn't to weird. Than He had put septum clamps on my septum, I was a little upset with this only because he didn't put them on tight like I had thought he would and hoped he would. Then he turned around and grabbed the needle and held my nose with one hand and with the other hand he had held the clamps slightly and pushed the needle through my septum. It didn't really slide right through but instead took a little force. In my opinion he went a little too slow with the needle. As Josh had pushed the needle through I had the strangest reaction, I had to cough, and I couldn't h elp it so I coughed and he slightly yelled at me saying "you have to hold still , its only gonna make it harder for you". In my personal opinion it had felt like having a double-sided razor go through your septum, It didn't bother me to much. My eyes had watered so much though. After the needle went through, Josh slowly removed the clamps and let me sit there with a needle through my septum for a minute or two. I felt like a tribe member. Josh grabbed the jewelry and pop-ed it into the needle and feed it through my septum, it was a little uncomferable for a second, but I didn't care, I was just so happy I finally got my septum done. Josh than took a couple of seconds to screw the spike on. He cleaned it up a bit as he told me how to take care of it. I jumped up and looked in the mirror he had on the wall, I loved it! I turned around and said thanks so much its awesome. After a few questions I had for him I was on my way back home.

I showed it off in school, all my friends loved it. But my teachers didn't care to much for it.

To anyone who wants to get their septum pierced, I'd deffiantly recommend it. It didn't really hurt all that much nor bleed that much. My only advice to you is to find a piercer who you are compatible with, other wise it would be a little awkward.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Josh
Studio: Expressions
Location: CT

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