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"I Psyched Myself Out For THAT?" -- The Story Of My Septum

It's funny, really. Ever since I first got interested in body piercing (which was about 8 years ago, at age 13), I've been slightly turned off to the idea a septum piercing. Something about the way they looked just didn't rub me right. Now I'll admit that they look good on a lot of people, but I never really considered it as something I might personally do.

Thus far, I've gotten navel, industrial, labret, tongue and nostril piercings. Though I no longer have my tongue or my labret, they were both wonderful experiences and I still fondly look back on those times in my life. For a few months now I've been toying with the idea of another piercing, but I work with ages 4-12 at a local school's after school program, so I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I couldn't have any more visible piercings (my nostril is pushing it, as it is).

A few weeks ago, low and behold, there came the septum piercing again, on the face of some stranger at the mall. Evidently everything had changed, for I'd started to take a liking to the piercing. Plus, I realized after some research, I could flip it up inside my nose while at work for the 2-3 hours each day! My one downfall is my need for instant gratification, but I forced myself to keep from running to the studio right then and having it done.

I took some time to do some research and talked to the folks in the local piercing studio about it. I made sure that I'd be able to flip the jewelry up inside my nose, and the piercer assured me I'd be able to. I was still a little worried that it might be a little visible from the sides, but I decided to go ahead and take the chance.

Today at a quarter until six, I went and picked up my best friend for moral support. We stopped off at Sonic and I forced down a corn dog, all the while feeling like I was going to vomit. I'd NEVER been so nervous to have a piercing done before! I'm not sure if I was afraid of the pain or the prospect of not being able to hide it. Whatever the case, I was a total wreck.

We made it to the studio and I was pleased to find it nearly empty. After paying and getting all the paperwork out of the way, I drug my friend into the room and sat down on the chair. As a side note, I'm usually not so batty that I completely forget to ask people's names, but I managed to go through the whole thing without even finding out the guy's name who pierced me. Since I'd been back to the shop, a new group of people had begun working there, but I'd heard good things about them.

We decided on a 16 gauge horseshoe, and the piercer marked my nose up. I made sure to tell that I was terrified, even though I'd had various piercings and three tattoos done. He assured me that I'd be fine, I grabbed my friend's hand for dear life, and the needle and receiving tube came out.

"Wait!" I said, cowering backwards. "Aren't you going to use the clamp...?"

He looked thoughtful for a second, then told me that he usually didn't for septum piercings, but he would if I liked. I told him that I'd feel better if he did, so he got one out and clamped it down, saying that maybe it'd take some of the pressure off the needle going through.

I literally squirmed away from him a few times as he brought the needle up again, but then I realized how pathetic and ridiculous I was being, and began to squeeze the life out of my best friend. She squeezed my hand back harder and it actually helped to distract me a bit. With a deep breath in, the needle went through and...

"That was it?" I asked, laughing weakly while huge tears leaked out of my eyes. "Dude, that was so not what I was expecting."

Basically, I'd psyched myself out for nothing. The needle itself didn't feel any worse than having my nostril pierced, but it was a little painful as he inserted the jewelry. Regardless, the whole experience was relatively easy.

My friend started gushing that it looked SO good, so I hopped off the chair to have a look for myself. I was a bit skeptical, I won't lie. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not, but I smiled and thanked the piercer. He gave me the usual run-through on the proper aftercare, and we were gone.

I squealed so loud when we got into the parking lot because I was so, well, shocked that I'd actually gone through with it. After a quick trip to WalMart for some soap (during which I got a lot of curious stares, ha) I came home to get ready for our evening out. Let me say that the piercing looks MUCH better when I've got my makeup on and aren't being washed out by my blue hair. I'm in LOVE... already!

I was bad and went on ahead and flipped the piercing up to see if I could hide it. It's completely hidden on the left side, but my septum is deviated and crooked (though the piercing itself is straight) and you can see a little glint of silver in my right nostril when it's turned up. It'll be alright for the time being, until it heals and I can put a staple retainer in it.

Here's the part where I tell everyone who wants this piercing to go do it. I can't guarantee that it'll be painless, but that pain is worth it (in my humble opinion)!

Happy piercing, guys and gals!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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