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Finally - a pretty nose piercing!

I've always thought nose piercings were cute - to be specific, the ones where you just have a small stone in the curve of the nostril (I know - unique, huh?). I don't really think the other ones are for me, but to each her own. In high school, several people I knew had ones, but my parents were dead-set against my getting one, so I sulked and forgot about it. For the next couple years, if somebody mentioned one, I would idly think about how I wished I could get that piercing, and then move on with my life.

In the spring of my sophomore year at college, I was looking at one of my friend's tattoos and he mentioned that his brother had given it to him, and we started talking about tattoos and piercings. I remembered how much I wanted to get a nostril piercing, and then realized that if I wanted, I could actually do so. I then researched online for the next week or so - different types of jewelry, piercing studios, procedures, aftercare, risks - and decided that I wanted to go for it. By this point, it was finals period (mid-May). All exams and papers were due at 4:30, and so a bunch of my friends and I took the 5:00 bus into Boston to celebrate. We went to the Border Cafe near Harvard Square, and then I made them all come with me to Chameleon.

I'd heard a lot of good things about Chameleon, and knew people that had gotten piercings there before. I went in, slightly shy, and the woman working behind the counter told me to go across the hall to the jewelry store owned by the studio, to buy jewelry and pay there for the piercing. So we traipsed on over and were looking at all kinds of body jewelry, and I asked the woman working behind the counter where the nose screws were. She looked at me kind of askance, and asked if I meant the ones to get pierced with (as, of course, I didn't have a piercing yet). I confirmed this, and she showed me different ones available. I picked the second-least expensive one, a titanium screw with a little rhinestone-crystal-sparkly thing on the end. I paid, and it was kind of expensive - I've actually heard that Chameleon is somewhat overpriced, but I don't have anything to compare it with, and it was worth it to know that I was going somewhere with high-quality jewelry and piercers.

We went back across the hall and sat in some chairs in the waiting room for a little while, and then Owen the piercer came out and called my name. Any BME reviews you read that say he's hot are correct - total fox! Anyways, I grabbed one of my friends and took her into the room with me. It was very clean and medical - just what you want in a reputable piercing studio. We talked to him as he was getting supplies ready and cleaning my nose - it would have easy for him to mock a bunch of young girls coming in for one of the most teeny-bopper piercings ever, but he was very cool and kind. He made a mark on my nose and asked me if the placement was all right. A slight problem here - while I had spent some time thinking about which nostril I wanted it on (left), I had made an error in determining where on the nostril to get pierced. While looking at pictures, I noticed that most jewelry placements were somewhere in the middle of the nostril, and thought that looked good, so that's
where I thought mine should go. I didn't realize that on my over-large nostril, a piercing in the actual middle would look ridiculous and that the more important part of the placement was where it fit in the curve. So I asked him to move it up a little bit, and he did, and I still thought it could have been further forward, but I said it was okay. I'm glad I did, because looking back, I should have gotten it where he originally marked. But it's all right in its current position.

Now the actual piercing - he put a receiving tube in my nostril, I grabbed my friend's hand, and he did the whole inhale-exhale spiel. He pierced me on an exhale and it didn't hurt that much - a little bit, obviously, but nothing unbearable. Then, of course, he had to twist the jewelry in, which hurt more. A couple tears came out of my eye, but I gather that this almost always happens, so it wasn't embarrassing. it bled a little bit, and then stopped/clotted up, so I tipped him and went on my merry way.

While taking care of it in the coming days, I noticed I had to push on the piercing from the inside to make the head come full out of the skin so I could clean it, but I just chalked this up to swelling that would go down soon. Unfortunately, this became more pronounced in the following weeks, and I soon realized that the "stud" portion of my nostril screw was too short, preventing healing. Of course, the more irritated the piercing got, the more it swelled up, so by the time I made it back to Chameleon, it didn't look good. Erin was there and told me that some people swell more than others, and the particular jewelry was shorter than normal, so it wasn't that surprising that I had problems with it. She took out the screw and had to stick a taper in it immediately so that it wouldn't close up while she fiddled with the jewelry - the taper hurt, as the piercing had already started to close up! She tried to bend the screw so that the stud portion was longer, but scratched it, s o she took out a new one and bent it with a glove between it and the pliers. She then put the new jewelry back in and sent me on way, without having charged me anything! I couldn't find my wallet until I got back on the street, so I couldn't tip her - something I still feel really shitty about. If I ever have her again, I'll give her an extra-big tip.

After the new jewelry, the piercing wasn't as irritated, but the initial problems had been enough to prompt the emergence of the dreaded BUMP. Long story short - sea salt soaks, and a looooong time later (like a month or two), and the bump went away. Now it flares up once in a while, but it's healed, and I'm happy with it! I like having the sparkly in my face, and as nose piercings of this type are so common, I haven't met with any adverse reactions from people. If you're considering getting this piercing, I would say go for it! And I had very good experiences with Chameleon and both of the piercers there, so I would recommend them as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Owen
Studio: Chameleon+Body+Arts
Location: Harvard+Square%2C+Cambridge%2C+MA

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