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A new experience.

I had been wanting another piercing for a very long time, after having only many ear piercings and stretched lobes for the longest while I needed something different. I didn't want a lip piercing yet, or an eyebrow piercing, or a tongue piercing. The last time I got anything done was my tattoo back in June, and it had been MONTHS so I was really itching to get something done. I decided(rather randomly) that I ought to get my nose pierced. I figure it'd be a rather easy piercing, and it wouldn't be too much trouble.

I found a local shop that seemed well rounded and found out their prices and whatnot. Then the next day before work, I went to get my nose pierced. I had never actually been inside the shop, but I had heard good things about it, so I was a little nervous. But the girl there was really nice and friendly about it. She asked what I wanted to get, and if I wanted to get a captive bead ring or a small stud. I opted for the ring as I know it won't get knocked out and they are pretty easy to clean and maintain. I was going to get a stud for my mother's sake but this piercing wasn't to make her happy! I was pretty much getting this without my mum's permission, or knowledge, so at the back of my head I was thinking how she'd be annoyed that I got a ring instead of a stud.

After I got the papers filled out saying I was 18 and I was able to sign for myself, she brought me to the back and had me sit down. She went through the standard procedure of showing me everything and explaining that everything was sterile and hadn't been used on anyone previously. Then she marked my nose and I checked it out in the mirror. Looked good, not too high and it had enough room if I wanted to get a second done (which I was seriously contemplating). Then she stuck a small cork in my nose so I wouldn't get nicked by the needle and slide the needle through. I barely even felt it, although my eyes automatically started to water a bit. I was surprised at how painless it was, having come to the shop expecting it to hurt. I didn't bleed at all and then girl commented on how it was weird because most people bled when they got their nose pierced. It was a little of a hassle getting the ring through. The ring got a little stuck on the inside of my nose and she had to pull i t through with pliers, all the while apologizing for "torturing me". I said it was alright, knowing that putting the jewelry in could be a fussy and frustrating process so I didn't blame her for anything. I felt a slight pop as the ring finally slide through, which was a bizarre feeling in itself. She took the pliers and closed the ring a little, then she popped the bead on. After what seemed like forever (which in real time was about 30 seconds), I had my new nose ring. She put everything away, showing me that nothing she used to pierce me with was going to be used on someone else. They seemed pretty professional with how they did things and went through the standard routines. As I sat in the chair while she cleaned up, I was feeling very pleased with myself for FINALLY getting something done besides an ear piercing, and for not being a baby about it. My nose was a tiny bit sore but otherwise it was pleasantly painless. I was excited and already thinking about what I'd get
next. The girl went to go get the aftercare sheets and I stood up to follow her to the front counter.

Unfortunately this is where things unexpectedly got a little sour. I was feeling fine, my nose wasn't bleeding, and my face didn't hurt, but as soon as I stood up and took a couple steps I got EXTREMELY lightheaded. I wasn't expecting that! I have 15+ earrings, many through the cartilage, and I never got anything more than an adrenaline rush. And even with my tattoo I didn't do much more than flinch at the spots over bones. In my mind I felt fine, but obviously my body was feeling something different. She had me sit down, got me some water, and gave me some chocolate. I got really nauseous and had a couple dry heaves, but then I just ate the chocolate she gave me and sit back in the chair. The whole while she was talking and telling me that a lot of people get lightheaded, pass out and even throw up after a piercing. Then she told me about a friend who passes out every time she tapers his ears and that made me feel a little less like a wimp, haha. Even the guy who was getting ready to tattoo someone had a few funny remarks which also helped me feel like I wasn't being such a wimp. After a couple minutes I felt a lot better. I drank the rest of the water, and she asked me to make sure I was completely feeling better. She told me the aftercare instructions, gave me a sheet of them, and I paid and went on my way.

I'd definitely go back there to get my other piercings, but not until this bugger heals. And next time I'm bringing chocolate!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Total+Tattoo
Location: Ontario%2C+Canada

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