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Septum Madness...nah...it wasn't that bad ;)

I have had a couple of piercings in my day; starting with my belly button, double nostrils, tragus, industrial, conch, and a Monroe (all of which have been retired except for my BB, Monroe, & tragus (I show off my conch every once in a while) and the fact still remains that every time I go for a new piercing, my stomach is topsy—turvy.

So comes the story of my septum; 16g horseshoe.

Normally whenever I decide to get a piercing, I jump on the idea simply because I want to get it over with and get on with the healing process. I decided a couple of weeks ago I was getting my septum and waited until my hubby went in to our tattooist for some work on his sleeve to have the piercing done.

The two of us arrived at the tattoo shop yesterday and all of the normal things fell into place; paperwork, looking at jewelry, taking a seat in the chair, etc. I knew up front that I wanted a horseshoe so I could hide the piercing whenever and also that I wanted a small gauge.

After the jewelry was picked out I took a seat and my piercer cleaned out my nose with a q tip and took a good look at it from a couple of different angles; down below, had me tilt my head back, straight on, and straight up. After taking a gander, she marked me on each side and proceeded to clamp my nose. After the clamp was in place she pulled down on it to ensure she was pulling away from my cartilage.

The clamp was a little uncomfortable and made my eyes water a bit but it prepared me for the upcoming discomfort of the piercing itself.

While pulling downwards on the clamp, she had my slightly tilt my head back and asked if I was ready. After I replied with a meager, "yeah", she then got the needle into position, had me take a deep breath in and pushed the needle through from left to right. After the needle was in she told me the piercing itself was over and I did great. She slowly removed the clamp and by this time my eyes were watering pretty badly. Within ten seconds or so she had the jewelry in and was screwing on the ball.

She took a look at me and it turns out that my upper cartilage is pushing down on my jewelry and causing it to "tilt" slightly (making my jewelry closer to the inside of the middle of my nose on my right side). Upon looking at the actual piercing position I can tell that it is straight and if I push my piercing back it evens up. She instructed me to apply some pressure when I move the piercing towards the right side and that it should straighten up in a couple of days when the swelling goes down and things start to heal. To me, it really isn't noticeable and as a result, doesn't bother me at all.

With another swipe (from a different q tip) she cleaned out each side of my nose and to my surprise, no blood :-). She instructed me to clean it a couple of times a day using a q tip and warm saline solution and once a day for two weeks with antibacterial soap. In order to apply the soap, I am to wet a q tip and get the soap on it and clean both sides and then scoop warm water into my hands and stick my nose down in it and blow out, making bubbles, to ensure I get all of the soap out.

I was told to always make sure my hands are sanitary before I clean my septum piercing and avoid touching it any other time, as our hands harbor tons of germs and bacteria and that is something we definitely do not want to expose any type of fresh piercing too!

All in all the piercing was not as bad I anticipated. The entire process was very quick; it took only a couple of minutes from cleaning my nose in the beginning to cleaning it after the piercing. The pain was not that bad but my eyes watered like crazy! In comparison, it felt sort of like a regular nostril piercing, just in a different spot, only to me my nostril piercings hurt worse.

It's been nearly 24 hours since my piercing and I have yet to experience any soreness but I have felt a little bit of a burning sensation every now and again. I have a plan to take some Tylenol if I begin to feel sore :-) but as of right now I'm not worried about it. I can't tell that I've been pierced and so far, it's turning out to be something I would do again.

From my perspective: I was way too worked up over the piercing, the pain was minimal, and it looks great. Definitely one of my favorites so far! I suggest this piercing to anyone who has it in mind!!! Good luck everyone!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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