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Self Fulfilled

When I was little I absolutely hated my nose. I hated it with a passion and my brother and sister made fun of me because it kind of looked like it has a kind of bump on it like I broke it or something. I would never take pictures of myself in a profile and I felt like I wanted to hide it ... as if that's even possible.

As I grew up I began to love my nose. I think I grew into it as I got older and I really realized that it was the center point of my image and that I loved it. When I was 15, maybe 16, I started to want to get my nose pierced. It really came out of nowhere that I really used to hate my nose, but now I loved it and I knew it would be the very cutest nose piercing in the world. I wasnt 18 and I never really thought I would get it done because of my parents.

Then I ended up going to college and I was still 17 for about a month when I started college. I looked around and everywhere I looked someone had their nose pierced! It made me so mad to look around me and see everyone getting their nose pierced. It made me really not want it anymore, just because I would feel like I was a follower, even though I'm sure I'd been craving one far longer than anyone else had. I just made up my mind not to do it. Make my mom happy and I would try to find something else to set me apart.

I couldn't do it! I wanted it so bad! I didn't care what anyone said or if they thought I was a follower because I had wanted it forever. The only other thing was money. It's only a 30 dollar piercing, but I hadn't gotten a job yet since I'd been in college and I had blown all my summer money. So money set me back again. Another month or so passed by and I got it in my head that I wanted to do it myself! Not do it myself like a dumbass with a safety pin in my dorm room, but do it well by myself. I figured because I always dye my own hair and I'd recently cut my own hair I would continue on the trend of being a do it yourselfer.

I kind of played with the thought and asked my boyfriend if he would do it for me. I didnt know if I would actually have the guts to stick a needle through my nose. He eventually said he would and I was extremely excited. I looked up everything there was to know online about being clean and sterilized and aftercare. I bought an 18 gauge hollow sterilized needle from mspiercing.com on a whim and waited for it to arrive.

I got my needle in about 2 days I waited for the weekend when I was spending the weekend at my boyfriends house. I watched a lot of people do it themselves on youtube, which psyched me out for big time pain and I probably shouldnt have done it. I got everything ready and he cleaned the already sterilized needle with an alcohol pad because he's paranoid like that and we got ready to get it done.

As I was attempting to mark the spot I wanted for him I realized that I really couldnt mark it how I wanted, but when I put the needle to my nose I knew where it felt right. So I decided to do it myself. I was really nervous because I knew I wasnt going to be able to do it quickly or painlessly. I pushed the needle and I felt it pop through my first layer of skin and my whole body kind of froze up, but I kept pushing it. I could hear it pop a couple more times and then it was through. I was smiling uncontrollably at the needle hanging out of my nose, but putting the jewelry in was hell because I was shaking like crazy.

In the end it was amazing!!! I love my nose piercing, it's beautiful. And it really, I promise, did not hurt ONE BIT. I was scared to death and shaky, but there was not one bit of pain involved. It was a tiny bit sore that night and the next day, but that's it. It makes me want to pierce other things, but I'm not going to do anything that doesnt mean anything to me. I love my nose piercing and I would suggest to ANYONE to do it yourself ... as long as youre safe and sterile.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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