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Scary Septum

I decided upon getting a new piercing as a present for myself; I had been doing very well in my studies, had stopped biting my nails, smoking and drinking cola. I was on a path to total well being, and wanted to treat myself. I explained this to my friends, and they all agreed that I should do it if it made me happy.

I wanted something different. Something unique, special, just my own, and something that could be easily hidden, if need be. Terrified at the mere THOUGHT of genital piercings, not a fan of belly buttons, nipples or the like, I decided to get the sneakiest piercing of all: The Almighty Septum. The perfect hideable piercing, because unfortunately for me, my parents don't share my love of body mods, ESPECIALLY facial piercings. Again, consulting those whose opinion matters most to me, my close friends and boyfriend, they all agreed that a septum would look totally rockin' on me.

I did a lot of research before I completely made up my mind. I went through some stories on bmezine about nose and septum piercings, watched a few YouTube videos (PLEASE if you do this, DO NOT watch the home-done piercings...it will scare you out of getting any piercing. They are NOT trained, NOT safe, and VERY stupid.) Feeling confident in my choice, I called up my friend Amber and told her my plan.

So here begins my tale of lies and deception. Wrong, of course. But fun.

It was a saturday afternoon, and I had told my mother that my good friend Amber and I were going to a movie in St. Catharines. I had chosen Amber to come along with me because she was someone I trusted not to freak out (I had recently gotten my ear pierced with a few of my guy and one girl friend and I do believe that they seriously needed the lollypop I got afterwards more than I did. Mucho-squeemish people are NOT good to get piercings with, they will PSYCH YOU OUT.)

Amber had recently gotten her lip pierced at Artistic Impressions in St. Catharines and recommended them to me right away. This made me feel a lot better, knowing that a great looking piercing like Amber's lip came from this place gave me more confidence, and I forgot all worries of my piercing turning out wrong or crooked or weird looking.

We walked into the shop and the atmosphere was real relaxed, and the guy behind the counter smiled and asked me what I'd like. I looked him straight in the eye and said "I'd like to pierce my septum!" I felt so bold! Never would I have the guts to stand up straight and talk to someone who had as many tattoos and piercings as this guy did. He just nodded and brought me into the back room, the only part of which I remember is the cheetah print ceiling.

My mind was a blur. I started getting anxious again, and my eyes went out of focus. I realized though that this anxiety was not for fear, but excitement! I hadn't realized how much I loved getting pierced until that moment; the rush you feel is one of a kind. I was ready for anything...(especially since Amber was at my side the whole time. Heheh..)

He cleaned my nose and marked it with a little purple marker. He told me not to breath in through my nose with the cleaner in there because it would definitely sting. And DUH what did I do but take a little whiff in. Dumb, but come on, I had to know. Then he told me to lay back, and handed me a tissue; my first reaction was HOLY CRAP is it going to bleed a lot!??! Why do I need this tissue?!

As if he read my mind, the guy said "It's ok, it's just for your eyes. They're gonna water a bit." I took a breath (through my mouth this time) and the explained everything he was going to do. He told me to take a breath and breathe out when the needle went through. Stay perfectly still, he said. He didn't want it to go through crooked. Then he counted. I was a statue the entire time...

One. Two. Three. Wait...what?

The needle was through my nose and I didn't even notice. I small pinch, like a bug bite, and it was through. I stayed perfectly still even afterwards, until I hear a small laugh form my left, and I looked over to the mirror on the wall beside Amber. I had a stick through my septum and it pulled up both of my nostrils on either side. Pretty funny. I laughed to myself and my sillyness; nothing went wrong, I wasn't in pain. Ambers laughing turned into a wide eyed stare and I looked back into the mirror. A little line of blood came running down my face, but I brushed it away nonchalantly. I was too pumped to get the jewelry in. As with ear piercings, putting the jewelry through was the most uncomfortable.

Bam. Shwoop. The retainer was through. Simple as pie. The piercer even laughed at me and said "Wow, your eyes didn't even water!" He held a small compact mirror to my face and I took a look at my new friend. The small bars of the retainer peeked out from under my nostrils, and Amber gushed over how cute it was. Even the piercer agreed that it looked really good. So that was it, I was in the elite few in which the septum piercing actually looked good on. I smiled my biggest smile and it I'm pretty sure it stuck throughout the entire day.

He told me to keep it flipped up for its healing duration, and showed me how to flip it and hide it. He taught me how to clean it and gave me some papers on how to care for it. He smiled when I asked how much it was and said that it's normally 50, but he's giving it to me for 40 because I didn't even flinch. Or cry. Awesome. I was elated; on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

The healing process was pretty easy; I've always been lucky and a fast healer when it comes to piercings. Chewing at lunch was pretty painful though, you never realize how much your other face muscles and such move when you talk or chew. I used salt water to clean it at least twice a day. I took extra good care of it, it was my pride and joy.

Until one morning when it slid out of it's hiding place to wreak havoc on my life. My mother came into my room one morning and saw it. She flipped, and demanded that I take it out right away. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my comfy little retainer (luckily i was fully healed, or it would've hurt like hell to take out) and secretly wear a horseshoe instead. She's seen it down once after that and made me take it out again (with various threats that were certain to be kept) Luckily I have extra rings and wear it down only when I feel like it.

With my piercing I feel beautiful and different. I feel fierce and indestructible. People are amazed that they never knew I had it done until I flip it down and show them. I love my septum piercing with all my heart! (even if my mom doesn't!!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jer
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: St.+Catharines%2C+Ontario.

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