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My pierced and reopened septum

For a long time I was never really into septum piercings, until one day I saw a girl with a really petite septum jewellery, from then onwards I was completely in love with the idea.

So one Saturday I plucked up the courage and decided to head down to Blue banana to finally get my septum pierced. I took along my best friend Joey for company (which turned out very well for myself and the piercer in the end) for morale and to hold my hand as I was really nervous.

So I walked in and advised the girl at the counter that I wanted my septum piercings, we picked out the jewellery which was a small petite horseshoe jewellery as I needed to have the piercing flipped up for work at the local cinema.

So I paid for the piercing of £15 as the piercing studio was having a special on all piercing and filled in all the paperwork, which i'm a pro at as this was my 20th piercing in total and most of them had been done at this studio. Joey and I headed up to the waiting room, where I sat nervously. The door to the piercing studio was closed as another piercer Adele was just finishing up with another customer. Finally it came to my turn, I walked in and the studio was clean and sterile. Adele pulled my jewellery out from the sterilising machine and placed it on some clean tissue to let it dry, next to it were the clamps which she would be using and the needle still in its packaging. Adele had to get a torch out first of all which she shined through my nose to find my "sweet spot".

Once she found my sweet stop, she asked Joey to hold the torch so that it was still shining through my nose that she could place the clamps in the correct place. The clamping on my septum made my eyes water, then she opened the needle told me to count to three and breathe in; I was on two when I felt a sharp pain. I opened my eyes and Adele had pulled the needle out as she had hit part of my cartilage in my nose and didn't want to carry one, she took off her plastic apron and her gloves and called Jen another piercer up to check that I was able to have my septum pierced. Jen washed up and put an apron and gloves on to check that I was able to have my septum pierced. Turns out I was able to be pierced just a lot forward then normal (trust me to have the weird nose). So Jen got out a fresh needle and sterilised the clamps again placed them on my nose and told me to breathe in, two seconds later and it was pierced. The jewellery was placed through and the ball put on. The pie rcer went through the cleaning procedure and I looked in the mirror. I absolutely loved it.

That night I went home and sleep like normal and everything was fine. The next morning I woke up and my septum horseshoe was missing out my nose. I scowered the bed and found out that one ball had fallen off in my sleep and caused the horseshoe to fall out. So that day on my lunch break I went back to Blue banana and explained to the shop manager what happened and that I had only just got it pierced the day before. The manager was kind enough to say that the piercer could use the insuran pin to try and reopen the hole; all I had to do was buy a new piece of jewellery.

I went back up to the piercing studio again when I spoke to Jen about what had happened. She sterilised all the equipment used. Jen tried both sides as the holes were still open which was really lucky for me. It took a bit of time and lucky enough for me the pin went straight through reopening the hole ready for the jewellery to go back in. That was more uncomfortable then anything. Jen placed the Jewellery back in and readvised me of the cleaning process for the septum.

Ever since then i've never had any problems with my septum, its been six months since that piercing and I absolutely love it, I wear it up most the time as I work a lot of the time, but when I wear it down everyone comments about how good its looks. I can't say a bad word about the studio it was pierced in or the piercer who pierced it. I don't know many studios that's would help a client out when they have a problem like mine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Blue+Banana
Location: Coventry

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