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My First Piercing

I wanted a piercing for a very long time, but which one eluded me. I had just gone through a transformative experience and wanted the piercing to reflect that.

I settled on a septum because it reminded me (and others) of a bull: strong, powerful creatures who are led around(just as I felt led by God/Goddess/the Universe). Not only that, but it could be a way of honoring my Native American roots: the tribe my family comes from practiced septum piercing. And, as icing on the cake, such a VARIETY of jewelry can be worn there! I wanted an unusual piercing, but the septum is fairly common. I live in a small town and very few people have piercings at all, so I didn't realize this until after I got it pierced.

It took me a little while to work up the nerve to go to the studio just to ask some questions.

I didn't know what to expect! But once I got there, I realized there really was nothing to worry about: the place was exceptionally clean-all my friends who recommended the place told the truth; I could see the autoclave (it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be); and there were several licenses on the walls. The staff was professional and answered all my questions and put me at ease.

The rumor I had heard about the ability of infections in a septum to travel to the brain was, thankfully, untrue.

So, that was that. My mom, who I had brought along, prayed that was the end of my obsession. But, of course, it wasn't! I returned to the studio about a week later.

So, on to the piercing. I chose an open-ended horseshoe as initial jewelry because I didn't want it to get caught on anything. I relinquished the forty dollars easily. Then he took me to the back room with my mom tagging along, pale with fright.

She told me I should just back out. She said things like: what if it got infected? What if it rejected? What if it looked bad? What if, after I already got it, I decided I didn't want it?

But I didn't back out! I'd done my homework and I knew I wanted this piercing. The risks she brought up I felt were stupid. So, I sat down in the chair and leaned my head back as he washed his hands, got everything ready, and put some gloves on.

First, he cleaned my nose with some foul smelling stuff.

Then, he told me to breath in and out. And on the out, he put the needle through. I had expected horrible pain, so this really wasn't too bad. Just as I thought it was going to REALLY hurt, it was over. It felt like when I had my ear cartilage pierced with a piercing gun. (I'll never do THAT again-it became horribly infected.)

It was all over with very quickly, but my eyes were watering terribly. Afterwards, it did sting a little. But that stopped as soon as I cleaned it. Also, for the first few days of having it, the jewelry felt like tiny boogers coming out of my nose-very annoying! And applying the soap to the wound felt worse than actually getting it pierced! But that only lasted for a few days.

Occasionally I'd inhale or swallow some of the soap. One time my nasal passages felt like they were on fire because I snorted so much soap!

Stupid me, after it being in non-stop for three months, I took it out for eight hours while I was at school. It grew back. So, I had to dish out an additional thirty dollars to get it redone. But it was worth it. The people at the studio said it wouldn't be safe to leave it out for multiple hours for at least a year. Perhaps I'll just invest in a septum retainer...

The second time, there was scar tissue so it bled a little as he put the needle through. However, it didn't seem to hurt any more than it did the first time. Both times the healing process was easy and uneventful.

Everyone tells me it looks like it really hurt. But it was more like discomfort, not true pain.

For those of you considering a septum piercing, I offer this advice:

  1. Research the septum itself and learn about its purpose.

  2. Educate yourself about piercing in general.

  3. Bring a friend along if you're nervous and check out all of the studios in your area.

  4. Ask people where they got their piercings. That's how I found Mystical Illusions.

  5. Be sure you can dedicate four to six weeks minimum on caring for it. Nothing would be worse than forking over the money and then having it get infected!


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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