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Finally had my nostril done!

I had been wanting another piercing for a long time. I had retired my eyebrow about 2 years prior to having my nose done and wanted something facial but wasn't too sure about a lip ring. I do deal with people face to face on a daily basis, being a personal trainer, and I just didn't want the hassle of people judging me by it. Not many trainers have facial piercings so I would have stuck out to be sure.

Anyway, I had been toying with the idea of a nostril piercing for about a year but never went ahead and did it until one day, at work, I decided that was the day. I was a bit nervous about my boyfriend's reaction to it, but I decided not to consult him first. Sneaky sneaky. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, is what i always say.

So I called the studio where I got my last tattoo (which ROCKS, by the way) and they said I could come in at 2. Leaving work around 1:30, that gave me enough time to drive downtown, park, have it done and then get to my other job for 4pm.

Off I went.

I arrived with a few minutes to spare and I was one of the only ones getting anything pierced so I had the pleasure of being a subject for two new piercers that were training at Next to become piercers. They have this arrangement where they have you come in as a group and undergo aftercare "training" before you get pierced. Since I was the only one there for that session, the 2 new girls took me through the aftercare info to lean how to do it themselves. That was a great help, actually, because, although I already new everything about healing piercings, they made me laugh and relax.

So after the spiel was over, I sat on the table and of course started to get nervous!! I always do. The newbies watched while Jacob did the piercing.

It took less than 30 seconds.

It was painless.

It did not bleed, swell, or get red.

By far, the easiest piercing I've had done. He used a bent barbell type of nose stud to allow for swelling, and said I was able to downgrade to a nose screw for $10 in 3 months. I tipped, and I left straight for my other job. It didn't even look like a fresh piercing. I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to my boyfriend. he was a bit leery of it with the picture but when he saw it he thought it was super cute. Yay! I sea-salt soaked it that night, and about once/day for a week or so and it seemed to heal with no problems.

Then we went camping.

After showering in the public showers on the campground (think dirty and gross, where you absolutely need flip flops to shower), I rubbed my face after I washed it and didn't my damn jewelry fall out?! I panicked when I couldn't find the jewelry at first on the floor, thinking I'd wasted my $$$ on it, since I didn't have anything else to put in the hole until we got back from camping in three days. I thought maybe it fell in the trash so i started going through the trash, removing all the used paper towels, etc. Ewww...I know, but I was desperate. I actually found it on the floor about 5 minutes later and I did a very bad thing. I shoved it right back into the hole before washing it, my piercing, or my hands. Tsk tsk. But I just didn't want the hole to close up!

We got back home about 3 days later and the bump started. On me-who never has problems healing piercings not the navel, not the eyebrow, not my helix, nothing. So I get the bump, and I start religiously sea-salting again for about 3 weeks. Nothing. I tried tea tree oil for about a month-nothing. I left it alone for a month-nothing. Sometimes it seemed to get bigger, and sometimes it seemed to shrink but I could never tell what caused either of these things to happen. I was so frustrated because I had only had a "nice" piercing for about a week before it got all messed up. Sometimes it almost seemed that the bump was enveloping the jewel on my stud.

Then I decided that I knew what it was and what to do about it. I know my skin, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else doing what I did, but here is my story. I have had skin issues all my life form excema to acne, to psoriasis, and been to numerous dermatologists. I "almost" went to the dermatologist to get her to look at the bump, and you know what I though? "She's just going to call it scar tissue and cut it off."b So I decided not to wait 6 weeks for an appointment and pay $100 for a procedure I could do at home. My boyfriend was not impressed with my idea.

I got out my hangnail scissors, cleaned them with alcohol, removed my jewelry, and proceeded to cut off the bump. I got most of it the first time, and went in for a second attempt but it was bleeding like crazy. No pain (or not much that I can remember) but it just bled and bled and bled. Which made sense to me now, why it wasn't going away-it had such a great supply of nutrients to this tumor. I put the jewelry back in and applied pressure for about 45 minutes until it finally stopped bleeding. the next day, i woke up, and NO MORE BUMP! Well, a tiny bit was left but it was 90% better. Even my boyfriend was impressed at how much better it looked even though he had been so worried and skeptical about me taking scissors to my face.

I sea-salt soaked and left it alone for a few more days, then went in to take the last bit of bump off. I did and it didn't bleed as much. It healed quickly (in about 5 days) and since them I have had a perfectly healed, bump-less, can-take-a-beating nostril piercing.

By the time I cut off the bump, it was time for me to downsize to a different piece of jewelry at Next. I went in, hose it, and the piercer (not Jakob) put it in for me. And you know what he said? "Looks like you've got a perfectly healed, great-looking piercing here." Ha! If he only knew!

Anyway, that's my story, I love my piercing, I think it's beautiful, and I don't regret it. I would however, recommend cleaning your hands, the jewelry and hole if you drop your jewelry shortly after having your piercing done. And I don't recommend what I did in terms of cutting off a bump yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jacob
Studio: Next
Location: Vancouver%2C+BC

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